Vineyard Tribe Will Move Ahead With Casino Plans

vineyard casino – The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) will proceed with efforts to build a casino on the Island after a referendum to quash the plan failed by two votes.

The vote, held at a general membership meeting on Feb. 16, effectively confirmed a previous vote taken in May 2012, when tribal members moved to convert their 6,000-square-foot community center in Aquinnah into a Class II gaming facility.

A two-thirds majority was required to overturn the measure, and according to several reports the measure was two votes shy of reaching a majority.

This has gone back and forth a few times. Now that it looks like it is moving forward again we are going to mail it in and re post our original Casino on Martha’s Vineyard blog:

We’ve talked about what the Mashpee Wampanoag Casino will do to our townie wallets. I joked about how we will all be broke every Monday because there is nothing to do on The Cape in the off season. Well that was child’s play compared to this Casino that looks like it’s going to happen on The Vineyard (yes that is really a photo of the building).

Let me preface this by saying again that I am all for tribal casinos, the Wampanoag’s deserve every cent they make from these, but holy crap is a casino on the Vineyard an absolute game changer. Year round residents won’t be broke on Mondays, they will be for real broke, like Detroit broke.

Imagine being trapped on an island in February with a god damn casino? We think there is nothing to do on the peninsula in the winter, but the islands are an entirely different animal. Every time anyone has two or more beers they will bee line it straight to the tables. After this casino opens there will be three distinct classes of people left on Martha’s Vineyard:

1. Summer People
2. People Who Don’t Drink
3. Homeless People

That’s it, that’s the list. The day this thing opens the locals who drink alcohol might as well quit their jobs, hand their kids over to DSS, and then drive right over to the casino to drop off the deeds to their houses and the titles to their cars. Why delay the inevitable? Just get it all done as fast as possible, hit the roulette table and put what’s left on black.

P.S. I hope the Vineyard builds some shelters to harbor all the mainland Cape degenerates who get stranded there because they can’t afford the Ferry ride home. (By “degenerates” I mean me and Insane Tony.)

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