Police Are Warning That People In Dennis Are Getting Scammed (Dumb People)

3 card monte

WickedLocal.com – An old scam is happening with more and more frequency on the Cape, threatening the personal and financial security of many, especially the elderly.

Typically, an email arrives seemingly from someone the recipient knows. The message is that the sender is stranded in a foreign country and needs money to return home.

Dennis police officer Ryan Carr, assigned to investigate such potential scams, says they are common.

“These scams are happening quite a bit now,” Carr said, explaining that either someone hacks into the carrier’s server or a virus attacks a personal account. In both cases, the scammer sends emails to all of the victim’s contacts, hoping someone will fall for the bogus request.

Last month a Dennis resident wired money to a caller claiming to be the Falmouth police chief who was holding her family member in jail, Patsavos said. Another caller told a Dennis man that kidnappers were holding his brother in Puerto Rico, and the man immediately wired the amount requested to ensure his brother’s release. “When he walked into police headquarters, he was on the phone with the scammer, who was demanding more money,” Patsavos said. “We acted within 10 minutes to stop the transmission, but the scammer had already picked up the cash.”

Ummm… what year is this? Did I just log into an America Online account in 1998 and read this article in some kind of time warp? How are real life humans still this dumb? Seriously, come on Dennis, you are better than this!

I’d like to take this opportunity to address everyone about some other troublesome activities we’ve been hearing about.

Please Real Cape readers, if somebody asks you to bet them on a game where they move three cards around each other and ask you to guess where a certain card is, DO NOT PLAY, IT IS NEVER THE CARD YOU THINK IT IS!

Also, if a friend asks you to pull their finger, DON’T DO IT! THEY ARE GOING TO FART!

Lastly, guys… if you are at a strip club and a girl asks if you want to hang out in the back room? SHE’S NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU, SHE WILL CHARGE YOU BY THE MINUTE WHEN YOU LEAVE!

Now that we’ve got that cleared up I have to get to Western Union, if I get this Nigerian prince $3K by 5 p.m. he’s going to wire me $3.2 million.

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  1. I worked for a lawyer in WA state years ago and we had a client who met a guy in Africa on a Christian dating site. She wired him over $15,000 to help with his 'diamond mine', to 'fix his truck', to 'help his ailing mother'. He'd pay her back with the 'diamond mind earnings'. Then she turned to us to try to get her money back. We were like, 'too bad so sad'. She could not understand how this could happen because it was a CHRISTIAN dating site! Like PT Barnum said, 'there's a sucker born every minute.'

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