VIDEO: Would You Release A 25 Pound Lobster? This Family Did


It’s an old video but we just came across it on

There isn’t even a speck of a chance that I would entertain the notion of letting that lobster go for one second. I don’t care if it’s 287 years old and signed the Declaration of Independence, that thing looks DEE-LISH!

I never understood the premise of not killing something because it’s old. That thing has lived a full life. He’s seen it all and is close to the end anyway.

All the 2 pounders we murder by the thousands are just getting started, probably haven’t even had a chance to get laid yet. They have their whole lives ahead of them.

Screw grandpa, save the teenagers!

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  1. Been there – done that. Canal cruise with the Quahog Republic/Erik Bevans. We won the Monster Lobstah and then let it go off the boat. Regretted it the next day – sobered up!

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