VIDEO: Christie The Horseshoe Crab Picks The Patriots To Win The Superbowl

christie horseshoe

APP – Christie, a long-time year resident at the Aquarium, has taken over the prognosticating duties from Luseal, a visually impaired harbor seal who has gone 1-for-4 in picking the winner over the last four years. Admittedly, she’s been working at a disadvantage.

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Well, I just bet the farm on the Pats and I suggest you follow suit. This wasn’t even close, Christie the horseshoe crab didn’t hesitate for a millisecond, she straight bee lined right to that Patriots helmet.

This is not to be taken lightly, do you have any idea how old horseshoe crabs are? I’m pretty sure they’ve been on earth for like 445 million years. Who the hell are we to question something that old? That’s like not listening to your mother when she says to bring a coat, old things know things, that’s just good science.

I don’t see any reason for them to even play the game at this point, 445 million years of wisdom just guaranteed victory for The Patriots.

P.S. How about them yanking Luseal the blind seal after a few losses? It’s not her fault, you are the idiots that put stock in what a blind seal has to say about the Superbowl when it’s obvious to anyone with a brain that the horseshoe crab right next to her is a certified football genius.

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