The Bourne Police Facebook Page Might Be Funnier Than The Real Cape

Good morning BPD FB Nation. In the past week, 14 new guests enjoyed the top class hospitality offered by our friendly…

Posted by Bourne Police Department on Monday, April 13, 2015

Gotta love the Bourne PD Facebook page, the Canal B&B thing is a hilarious angle. If the social media director over there is ever looking to moonlight, we’d hire him or her in a heartbeat. There is just something extra funny when police have a sense of humor and most Cape Cod police departments seem to get that. Some are even self deprecating at times, which is extremely brave for people in their position.

I’ve seen quite a few people murmuring in comments that the police should not be making jokes and that their jobs are no laughing matter. I don’t know if these people have noticed, but there are a ton of people around the country that feel very alienated by their local cops lately. All of these Cape police forces having social media accounts and (god forbid) a sense of humor humanizes the police. These interactions serve as a reminder that they are just people that live in our community as well. Social media breaks down walls.

Isn’t it better for our children to grow up comfortable with the officers in their town instead of with an “us against them” attitude? Humor is like food, it brings people together and puts everyone on the same level. I applaud the Bourne PD and all the other Cape departments that are reaching out to their communities via social media. I’d just like to ask them to be a tiny bit less funny so they don’t end up putting us out of business.

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