Starbucks, Not Dunkin’ Donuts Is Cape Cod’s Favorite Coffee Shop… Wait, What?

coffee map

The northeast domination by Dunkin’ Donuts is no surprise, but what the hell is going on here Cape Cod?

coffee map2

Really? The Double Mocha CappaLatteChino Grande has taken over the peninsula? Is this real life? There could only be one thing to blame for this…

Dunkins refusal to give out wax paper with their donuts and coffee rolls has to be to blame. This new policy has to be one of the greatest blunders of modern times, and complaining will only get you a napkin. I have probably eaten 3.7 pounds of napkin fiber over the last year because it sticks to my coffee roll. I love me some Dunkin’ Donuts, but even my patience is wearing thin. I just can’t live like this anymore Dunkin’. I am begging you, please bring back the piece of wax paper, it never deserved to be abandoned in the first place.

P.S. I still don’t believe this chart, so let’s put it to a vote…

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