Seashore Turkey Hunt On The 25th – Why Can’t We Just Shoot Them In The Street?

cape cod turkey

CCT – The annual spring turkey hunt at the Cape Cod National Seashore (CCNS) will begin on Monday, April 25. This is the fifth season for the hunt, according to a CCNS release. The 2016 turkey hunt will run for through Saturday, May 21, and coincide with the state turkey hunting season, which continues for an additional week.

Who needs to go all the way the Seashore? These chumps are all over the place. I say it’s time for open season on these turkey bastards. They’re terrorizing mailmen, causing traffic jams and waltzing down Main St. like they’re checking out the spring fashions.

We’ve got seals taking over our beaches, turkeys in the streets, fisher cats eating poodles… Whatever happened to being on top of the food chain? Apex predators? Have we all gone so soft that animals are taking over our peninsula? What’s next? Will we come home to raccoons in our living rooms, chilling on the couch, eating all of our snacks and controlling the remote all night?

It would be one thing if turkey’s were cute. I could wait a few minutes for a Koala bear to cross the road, but a turkey? Get on my plate or GTFO.

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