The Seals Have Officially Invaded Our Beaches In Eastham


CCT – The Friends of the Cape Cod National Seashore (FCCNS) recently reported that gray seals–and a lot of them–have found their way to Eastham. According to FCCNS, August saw the establishment of a new seal haul out at Coast Guard Beach on the Cape Cod National Seashore (CCNS).

The haul out is south of the lifeguard-monitored section of Coast Guard Beach, according to FCCNS.

Most seal haul outs along the Cape Cod National Seashore have been in more remote areas, but this latest haul out is quite close to the busy beach.

Seals on land may look odd, but it is a perfectly normal practice. When seals pull themselves out of the water, or “haul out”, they are doing so to rest and warm up in the sun.

Although fun to watch, visitors are reminded to keep their distance–at least 150 feet away from the seals. Seals are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and those who approach or disturb seals may face fines and jail time.

We live in a strange time in the world folks. Somehow as humans we have decided that if a bunch of seals show up on our peninsula, we need to break out the red carpet and accommodate them to the best of our ability. To the point where if you are caught disturbing them you can GO TO JAIL. Yet, when faced with the possibility of human Hispanic orphan children coming to The Cape, we have protesters lining up with signs that say “No way Jose” and “Send them back”.

Piping Plovers? Fence them off a few hundred acres and build them shelters! Seals? Don’t go within 150 yards! Humans? Get those fuckers out of here, they don’t belong here! I’m sorry but that is a weird ass policy. It’s like we’ve decided that all animals have the same right to the earth as we do, except for our fellow humans. In fact, it seems like many of us have decided that animals have MORE of a right to the earth than non-Americans. It’s pretty crazy if you think about it.

There are definitely immigrants eating all of our food, attracting a dangerous crowd, stinking up our streets and taking over our nice pretty peninsula, but they aren’t children from South America. Where are all the Wal-Martians with their fanny packs and “No deal stupid seal” signs protesting their arrival?

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  1. – When Sparky was a kid, every town hall on the Cape paid local fishermen $ 5 for the noses of fish-gobbling seals – But who cares about fishermen anymore?

  2. Uh hello…? The seals were here first anyway and their habitats are threatened by Americans and non Americans. I suggest getting an education before making claims like this. Seals and immigrants aren't even comparable.

  3. Don't you feel that ALL living things / people should be treated with respect???
    Anyway…. the people I know who love seals ALSO love people. Why create a division? All of God's creatures should be treated with Love. It should not be an Either/Or thing.

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