The Real Cape At The New England Music Awards Video

Well here it is, last weekend we traveled to Lowell for the New England Music Awards. We proceeded to drink all the booze within the city limits, had a ton of laughs, got some interviews with some extremely talented cats and had a blast. Pretty hammered by the end but it wouldn’t be The Real Cape if we weren’t. Just keeping it real.

Video shot by @johnbeninghof and edited by none other that Ham Sandwich who is now on Twitter for all you ladies.

Huge thanks to all the artists that were cool enough to chat with us, be sure to check them all out:

Spose:  Website . Facebook . Twitter

The Fog Cutters: Website . Facebok . Twitter

Will Dailey: Website . Facebook . Twitter

Joey Batts: Website . Facebook . Twitter

Love in Stockholm: Website . Facebook . Twitter

Funktapuss: Website . Facebook . Twitter

Emmarie: Website . Facebook . Twitter


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