Enough Depressing Crap – Ladies And Gentleman We Present To You… Ham Sandwich

Ham Sandwich is our video editor mintern (an intern/minion hybrid). We have no idea where he came from and before we could figure it out he was demanding a raise, a parking spot and to be recognized as employee of the month. He’s grown on us now and I’m pretty sure we are stuck with him at this point.

Here is the way we found Adam


Cute and innocent right? Well don’t let him fool you, he’s kind of a douche. Which basically means he fits right in around here.

Oh and speaking of fitting in, here is HamWich after we got a hold of him the other night…




Yeah, it looks like Ham Sandwich is gonna be around for a while. The acorn is becoming an oak tree. Funny thing is it doesn’t look like he’s thinking about raises or employee of the month honors in those pics does it?

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Thank you to MinFin Photography for the amazing pics and The Brazen Belles for…  well, existing. The MinFin Photo Booth is pretty much a game changer, check out the rest of the pics from that night here.

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