Reader Photo Of The Day – Chatham Squire Drunk Olympics


“We’re locals and on weekday nights in the summer we sit across the street from a Chatham bar, usually the squire, and take bets on whose drunk can stumble down the street the farthest. Usually they end up on the bench 50 feet away. This night was fourth of july and I knew when this guy came out he was a winner. He made it halfway down main street and ended up in the bushes on a side road. I had to take a victory photo because my drunk currently holds the distance record.”

This is so Cape Cod it hurts. While most kids are playing video games on weekday nights, Chatham’s youth are outside The Squire picking drunks like ponies and seeing how far they can make it from the bar. I guarantee you that dude in the red shirt has woken up naked in an inner tube floating in Nantucket Harbor many times, he’s as Real Cape as it gets.

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