Raw Bar Booze Cruise Grounding Update – Pied Piper Now In Dry Dock

Here’s an update on the story we broke last night as a result of our diligent and relentless investigative journalism…

We are hearing a steering line went in the Pied Piper causing the grounding. It floated off the rocks on its own around 2 a.m. and is now on straps at Falmouth Marine.

We’ve also been told that the crew wasn’t very pleasant to the passengers. Apparently what little communication they provided was in the form of yelling at everyone. Not so sure you can blame them, I don’t think I’d be in a very good mood if I just drove a boat aground either.

P.S. No word on who won Miss Booze Cruise 2015, but thank the dear lord Baby Jesus, John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell are both accounted for and all the Hoes are just fine.

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