Rare ‘Vicious’ Fisher Cat Found In Mashpee – Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Pugs!


Photos via Mashpee Police Department

CapeNews.netGeoff Spillane – A rare fisher was found dead in Mashpee on Wednesday.

Commonly referred to as a “fisher cat,” the animal is known for its sharp fang-like teeth, unsheathed claws, and vicious demeanor.

Mashpee Police Lieutenant John Santangelo said that he has never seen a fisher—dead or alive—in Mashpee during his 25 years on the force.

The animal was found on Palmer Road, not far from the Quashnet and Kenneth C. Coombs schools.

Deborah R. Millman, director of the Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, said that fishers have established a population on the Cape, but there are not many here. She advises residents to keep small animals and cats indoors.

Well, this pretty much ends the small dog/big dog argument for anyone around here right? I don’t care how much you love your friends Shih Tzu, if you are in the market for a puppy on Cape Cod you just have to go big at this point.

Last night I turned on the outside light by my back door and I saw a coyote setting plates on a picnic table while a bobcat opened a bottle of wine and a fisher cat basted some type of small roast. Now I can’t say for sure what they had for a main course, but let’s just say there was a small pile of Hot Diggity dog collars in a pile by a tree.

What I’m trying to say here is that while Beagles and Yorkie’s may be cute, they are also like butterball turkeys to our current array of Cape Cod wildlife. So unless you are looking to spend hundreds of dollars on a Thanksgiving dinner for a fisher cat, I suggest you stick with something at least the size of a Labrador. At least that way you won’t have to explain The Pilgrims AND death to your 5 year old on the same day.

P.S. Those have to be contacts right? Monsters don’t have eyes like the deep blue Caribbean Sea.

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  1. I grew up on the cape and I live in upstate NY now. We have fishers up here and are pretty cool to see. I have seen fishers kill a fox. But I wouldnt worry about a beagle. They should put a short season on them if they are a problem. If you are worried about them on your property, you should find someone that traps. The pelts are worth a decent amount of money. Usually females are worth more. We tree them with dogs up here, but I doubt the highly populated cape cod area would appreciate a hound treeing in the middle of the night. I bet the person that found the fisher thought is was a chupacabra!!!

    1. I live on a farm in upstate NY. Have seen fishers here on a cam camera set up in woods. They are not rare,…just very elusive……Why can’t people just accept that they have been here years before we were…..and we should live and let live…..humans encroach on their habitats with developments….and then complain about them being here……don’t have to hunt,kill, trap everything thats wild……enjoy nature…..

  2. Fishers were not put here by anyone, for any reason. They positively do NOT hunt rats. They specialize in porcupines and squirrels. They are nothing short of mini wolverines. Yes your cat and small dog might be on the menu too. They are fairly new to the Cape having spread down from NH and from Western Mass. As there are no porcupines here, the abundance of squirrels will keep them busy. Consider yourself lucky if you see one as they are not social and normally nocturnal. More often you will hear one at night. It makes a rather unearthly scream.

  3. How about buying a home thats already built, rather than clearing land for more septic tanks and housing.Then these animals wouldn`t have to be in your back yard.

  4. saw one run threw the yard here in marstone mills a few years back.Nature is woderfull don`t be affraid of it ,learn to live around it….they were here long before us,the animals should be saying scary things about humans not the other way around.

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