Hyannis Convenience Store Selling Bath Salts

bath salts

Cape Cod Today – HYANNIS – An investigation into the sale of bath salts, which included controlled buys, has resulted in distribution charges for a Weymouth shop keeper. According to a Barnstable police release, Det. Brian Guiney began an investigation into the sale of bath salts at the Corner Food Mart at 640 Main Street in Hyannis several months ago.

During the investigation, controlled purchases of the illegal drug were made at the store. Bath salts, a synthetic drug with troubling affects including panic attacks and hallucinations, was added to the Massachusetts Class C schedule of substances in January 2013.

On Sunday detectives executed the search warrant at the store during business hours. During the raid, Det. Guiney reportedly seized six glass vials containing bath salts, police said…

Muhammad A. Abid, 34, of Weymouth, was placed under arrest and transported to the Barnstable Police Station where he was booked and charged with possession of a Class C substance (bath salts) with intent to distribute.

It is a good indication of just how screwed up Cape Cod is when a guy commutes from Weymouth to Hyannis to sell his bath salts. Think about that. A bath salt dealer can’t establish a clientele in a suburb of the biggest metropolitan area in the state, so he drives 60 miles to Cape Cod to peddle his synthetic drugs that cause people TO EAT OTHER PEOPLES FACES.

I don’t know, maybe it’s time to lift that fascist curfew in Hyannis? Give people a healthier way to spend their time other than bath salt induced panic attacks?

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How Did People Know It Was Snowing Before Social Media?

Breaking news! It snows in New England in the winter! I really thought this would be the first year since the beginning of time that summer just kept going indefinitely. Alas we were foiled again, and it is a good thing we have Twitter and Facebook so that 8,327 people can let us know that it is in fact snowing. How else could we possibly know? I wish there were transparent panes of glass embedded in my walls so I could see outside, but you can’t have everything.

We decided to get into the breaking news game on Twitter as well, here is our first exclusive report…

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Marijuana Themed Amusement Park On Cape Cod? Yes Please!


Click here for the full story – BOURNE – On the heels of last month’s rejection of a yearlong moratorium, Bourne has its first suitor for a medical marijuana dispensary.

The Kingsbury Group, a nonprofit based on the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard, has approached the town about turning the Cartwheels 2 family fun center into one of the first licensed dispensaries in the state.

The 340 MacArthur Blvd. facility, which claims to have the largest go-kart track on Cape Cod, is owned by Brewster resident J. Bruce MacGregor, a member of the Kingsbury Group.

Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy Shit! Fuck yes! Oh Please, pretty please! Let this happen! Please put a dispensary at Carwheels 2!

Her first thought went to MacArthur Boulevard, a main artery already occupied with industry. The only potential obstacle she foresaw was Cartwheels 2, where she was concerned that crowds of children would be drawn too close to medical marijuana if a dispensary moved in down the street.

“I guess it couldn’t be a go-kart property anymore, because you can’t have a dispensary next to kids,” Moore said.

“If they no longer have that use there, I can’t think of anything that would be around it off the top of my head that would prevent a dispensary from being there,” Moore said.

Noooooooooooooooo……. Damn it. I guess we had to know that was coming.

Why can’t we live in a country that would allow this to happen? Imagine for a moment a marijuana dispensary attached to an arcade and surrounded by mini golf, batting cages, bumper boats and go-karts. It’s just too perfect. It would literally be the most fun place in the Universe. It would immediately put Cape Cod back on the map as a global destination. Screw Disney and forget Six Flags we have an amusement park where the kids can play AND THE ADULTS CAN GET HIGH AND PLAY WITH THEM!

Everyone would be on the same level, smoke some sour diesel and suddenly you and your 8 year old are going hit for hit in the batting cages on low speed. Vaporize a little AK-47 and mini golf is actually competitive with your 4 year old. Do a bong rip of some bubble hash and get lapped sixteen times by your 12 year old on the go-kart track because you are doing 3 miles per hour!

But no, we have to live in a stupid no fun country that won’t even let us put our weed stores inside children’s parks. So lame.

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I Hate “Cape Cod”

cape cod dj

No, it’s not what you think. Apparently some Ukranian DJ prog rocker named himself “Cape Cod”. You can read the full interview with this “Cape Cod” here, (proceed with caution, possible Eurotrash overload) but this is all you really need to read…

Hi Cape Cod, thanks for taking the time out to allow the DFD chefs to pick your brain.

Thanks for support, appreciate it! And hello from Kiev.

Firstly, Cape Cod is an awesome name! Tell us how you came up with it. Is there any special meaning behind it?

Cape Cod is one of the quietest places on Earth. Originally it was a project with my friend from St. Petersburg – guitarist of post-metal band Euglena, which had to be something at the junction of the freak-folk and post-rock. You know, I’m a former black metal fan (laughs) (before I played bass guitar in a mathcore\hardcore band +\- (plus\minus)

Cape Cod is one of the quietest places on Earth? What about the uninhabited areas of the Earth? I have a sneaking suspicion “Cape Cod” has never been to Cape Cod. I also have a sneaking suspicion that I speak for all of Cape Cod when I say that we’d like to keep it that way.

This guy makes the hipsters in Brooklyn look like Old Navy catalog models. Polka dots. Polka. Dots.

While his shirt may be bad, the absolute defining factor in his flawless douche rating has to be his music genre descriptions. I’ll even gloss right over terms like “post-metal” and “post-rock”, because even though they make zero sense, they pale in comparison to the pretentious hipster douchiness of the other two.

1. Freak-Folk – Wikipedia defines it as acoustic avant garde, baroque pop. In other words it can only be defined by using even douchier words with even more obscure meanings than the original words. Like pigs in a blanket but the pigs are made of crap and the blanket is made of shit.

2. Mathcore/Hardcore – Ding! We have a winner, this is the douchiest description of a music genre in the history of everything. I’m not even going to look this one up. I would rather just imagine “Cape Cod” on stage doing Bad Brains’ taxes after which the lead singer smashes an abacus over his head.

In conclusion I would like to formally ask “Cape Cod” to please stop using our peninsula as your douchy hipster DJ name. Thank you.

P.S. The name of your Mathcore band was +/-? You are the douchiest douche that ever douched… douche.

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Backpack Booze Burglar Arrested In Dennis

hernandez jersey

Full Story Here – DENNISPORT – Dennis police picked up a Dennis man on a default warrant Thursday afternoon and ended up charging him for a lot more after getting a peek at the contents of his backpack.

According to a Dennis police release, Det. Matt Turner spotted 27-year-old Robert Diaz walking down Edwards Ave. in Dennisport around 2:40 p.m. Thursday afternoon. Knowing Orleans District Court had issued a default warrant on a vandalism charge for Diaz, Det. Turner approached Diaz and placed him under arrest.

While searching Diaz’s backpack, Det. Turner discovered several bottles of liquor that were stolen from the Ocean House Restaurant in Dennisport several nights before.

Shocking, absolutely shocking. What are the chances that the police would be suspicious of a Hispanic dude with a neck tattoo wearing a Hernandez jersey? Come on man you are literally dressed in the exact same outfit that half of New England wore as a Halloween costume this year. The cops are stopping you eleven times out of ten in that get up even if you don’t have warrants. This is Chappelle 101.

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Nauset High Kid Goes Footloose

Will the real Kevin Bacon please stand up
Will the real Kevin Bacon please stand up

Full Story Here – TRURO – Not surprisingly, homecoming is a big deal at Nauset Regional High School.

The annual dance that caps the week of festivities is typically one of the biggest events of the school year. But not this year.

While the school hosted its traditional formal on Saturday, most of the senior class turned out for a different, unsanctioned dance down the road.

You could call it something of a protest dance, but to Nauset senior Chris Wingard, who organized the event, it was a way to reclaim a rite of passage that had been chipped away at by school authorities.

“It all started last year when most of the students left after an hour and a half because it was really a pretty miserable time for them,” said Wingard, who is Nauset’s senior class vice president and a member of the student council.

The fun was diminished by lights turned on high and chaperones constantly pulling apart couples dancing closely or “grinding” on the dance floor, he said.

The suddenly heightened restrictions led to a general malaise about the event, he said.

“No one was really excited about going this year,” said Wingard. “They didn’t want to go back.”

So instead, Wingard decided to put together an alternative dance for his classmates. He secured the ballroom at the Four Points Sheraton in Eastham, booked a DJ, and got nine adults and an off-duty police officer to chaperone the event.

He called it The Miles Tibbetts Memorial Dance in honor of a Nauset student and friend who was struck and killed by a car on Aug. 17 while crossing Route 6 in Wellfleet.

Wingard sold more than 200 tickets at $15 dollars each, enough to cover the costs of the event and establish a $1,000 scholarship fund in Tibbett’s name.

He estimated that more than 150 of Nauset’s 250 seniors purchased tickets to the dance.

But the event wasn’t without a toll of controversy.

“There’s been a pretty strong backlash against it. It’s been extremely difficult for me honestly,” Wingard said.

Wingard faced pressures from school officials to cancel the event and brushback from teachers who disagreed with the intention of the dance.

“They made it out to be some some drug-fueled orgy, which is pretty far from the case,” Wingard said.

Some advisors wanted Wingard removed from his post as senior class vice president and to be taken off the student council, he said.

Oh what’s that Nauset High? You don’t want to let the kids bump and grind at the Homecoming dance? That’s cool, Chris Wingard will just host a private twerkfest right in your face on the same night. You have to respect this move by Chris, not many kids have the cojoñes to take on their school and he just went balls deep in the entire Nauset High faculty.

How can any educator with half a brain be mad at this kid? He saw a situation where the majority did not like what was happening and he changed it to fit the will of the people. It doesn’t get any more America than that folks. If we had more adults like him maybe we’d all be able to enjoy a drug fueled orgy every once in a while.

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Christy Mihos, Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen


Click Here for the full story

It seems that Christy Mihos of Cape Cod convenience store fame has seen better days. It’s the old triple whammy for the former gubernatorial candidate: bankruptcy, divorce and porn stars… wait what? Maybe this isn’t a story of the mighty falling, maybe Christy Mihos is a rock star? Here’s an excerpt from the article concerning his divorce proceedings:

She accused him of wasting millions of dollars on two doomed campaigns for governor in 2006 and 2010, as well as on strippers, prostitutes and porn stars. The couple filed for divorce March 27, 2012.

According to Andrea Mihos’ attorney in the divorce proceedings, her husband blew through $25 million since the sale of his convenience stores in 2009.

Christy you dirty dog! The trifecta! Strippers, prostitutes and porn stars? I bet my man was slapping bitches with Slim Jim’s and making it rain scratch tickets at Zachary’s.

You get an “atta boy” Christy, but there’s one problem. As we learned from Tiger Woods, if you play with strippers, hookers and porn stars, she gets the house, the money and the cars. Here’s how the judge divvied up the assets:

“The court’s ‘final’ numbers of approximately $2.8 million to the wife and approximately $1.1 million to the (husband) is a ratio of approximately 72 (percent) of the net assets to the wife and 28 percent of the net assets to the husband,” Scandurra wrote.

The judge ordered that Christy Mihos should have use of the couple’s condominium in Florida and Andrea Mihos should have use of one of the couple’s homes on Great Island, at 63 Smiths Point Road…

…Andrea Mihos gets a Mercedes, a leased BMW, a Land Rover Defender and a Land Rover Discovery, and Christy Mihos gets a Jeep, according to the order.

72 Percent. His wife got 72% of what was left of his fortune. She got the Cape Cod mansion, he got the Florida condo. She got a Mercedes, a BMW and two Land Rovers. Christy got a Jeep. Seems fair.

According to Wikipedia Christy Mihos now says he has $7,000 to his name. He blew through over $25 million. He is the real life Brewster’s millions, but instead of inheriting $300 million for pissing through his money, Christy’s constellation prize is a Jeep, a condo in Boca and 7 G’s to spend on hookers, thanks for playing, game over.


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