I Hate “Cape Cod”

cape cod dj

No, it’s not what you think. Apparently some Ukranian DJ prog rocker named himself “Cape Cod”. You can read the full interview with this “Cape Cod” here, (proceed with caution, possible Eurotrash overload) but this is all you really need to read…

Hi Cape Cod, thanks for taking the time out to allow the DFD chefs to pick your brain.

Thanks for support, appreciate it! And hello from Kiev.

Firstly, Cape Cod is an awesome name! Tell us how you came up with it. Is there any special meaning behind it?

Cape Cod is one of the quietest places on Earth. Originally it was a project with my friend from St. Petersburg – guitarist of post-metal band Euglena, which had to be something at the junction of the freak-folk and post-rock. You know, I’m a former black metal fan (laughs) (before I played bass guitar in a mathcore\hardcore band +\- (plus\minus)

Cape Cod is one of the quietest places on Earth? What about the uninhabited areas of the Earth? I have a sneaking suspicion “Cape Cod” has never been to Cape Cod. I also have a sneaking suspicion that I speak for all of Cape Cod when I say that we’d like to keep it that way.

This guy makes the hipsters in Brooklyn look like Old Navy catalog models. Polka dots. Polka. Dots.

While his shirt may be bad, the absolute defining factor in his flawless douche rating has to be his music genre descriptions. I’ll even gloss right over terms like “post-metal” and “post-rock”, because even though they make zero sense, they pale in comparison to the pretentious hipster douchiness of the other two.

1. Freak-Folk – Wikipedia defines it as acoustic avant garde, baroque pop. In other words it can only be defined by using even douchier words with even more obscure meanings than the original words. Like pigs in a blanket but the pigs are made of crap and the blanket is made of shit.

2. Mathcore/Hardcore – Ding! We have a winner, this is the douchiest description of a music genre in the history of everything. I’m not even going to look this one up. I would rather just imagine “Cape Cod” on stage doing Bad Brains’ taxes after which the lead singer smashes an abacus over his head.

In conclusion I would like to formally ask “Cape Cod” to please stop using our peninsula as your douchy hipster DJ name. Thank you.

P.S. The name of your Mathcore band was +/-? You are the douchiest douche that ever douched… douche.

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