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Take a look at this cute little correction posted regarding an article they published recently about the National Seashore.

ctpost – In a Nov. 5 story about people feeding coyotes on Cape Cod, The Associated Press erroneously reported the gender of the Cape Cod National Seashore’s chief ranger. Leslie Reynolds is a woman, not a man.

Hey Connecticut, it’s November on Cape Cod, you don’t have to apologize for thinking a chick was a dude, it happens all the time down here in the off season. I met a girl at a bar last night and I made her show me her license before I’d make out with her. Not that it would’ve made a difference, on the Cape a mouth is a mouth in November.

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We Are All One Step Closer To Being Broke As Hell Every Monday

wampanoag casino


Full Story @ Wicked Local – “Today’s action by the Massachusetts state Senate moves our casino plans one step closer to fruition. We appreciate the Senate’s strong support for this agreement,” said Cedric Cromwell, Chairman of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.  “Our Project First Light destination resort casino will bring jobs and economic opportunity for Massachusetts, plus a guaranteed rate of return to the state.”

Great news for the Wompanoags, it’s been a long road for them and they deserve to finally get their slice of the pie, but let’s have real talk for minute.

Cape Cod is full of boozebags. For 8 months of the year there is literally nothing to do on Cape Cod. Imagine what a shit show it is going to be when after a few drinks we have the option of going to that monstrosity pictured above for blackjack and free booze?

Landlords are going to have to set up checkpoints at all the entrances and demand their rents before people get in. I can see the Craigslist Ads already – Cozy 2 bedroom, hardwood floors, pets ok, no smoking, $1200 per month, credit check required as well as voluntary casino restraining order.

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Lane Closing On Bourne Bridge Friday

bourne bridge

The United States Army Corps of Engineers announced Wednesday that they will be closing one lane on the Bourne Bridge Friday, November 8 for maintenance.

From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, one lane headed off Cape will be closed to allow maintenance work on the bridge lighting.

How is it that every single time they close lanes on either bridge they pick the worst times possible? What asshole decides that when they have one day of work to do, that the best possible solution is to do it on a Friday?

Yeah, let’s close a lane on one of two different roads to all of Cape Cod on a Friday! Sure it’s the biggest travel day of the week, sure half of New England doesn’t do shit on Mondays during football season. Tuesday? Hell no.

Friday, it HAS to be Friday.


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Femi Nazi Hates Bras And Firemen


Recently the Barnstable and West Barnstable Fire Departments had a fundraiser for Breast Cancer that included placing bras on a ladder in front of the departments. Well one lady did not like that at all.

Full Story Here

“The sexism is screaming loud to me. I mean, what do we do for prostate cancer? Ask guys to bring athletic supporters to the fire station and hang those up?” she said.

Besides, she said, focusing on bras — and by extension breasts — is more likely to lead to boyish snickers than awareness, to say nothing of the fact that breast cancer is about so much more than women losing an anatomical feature men love.

Donohoe said she understands that with so many donation-soliciting people and organizations representing worthy causes it may be necessary to come up with sensational ways to get attention. But, she said, that can be done without resorting to “tasteless” gimmicks.

Easy lady, let’s take a step back here. These Firemen needed a symbol to put on the ladder that represents boobies. What else immediately conjures the thought of breasts instantly like a bra? This is about cancer, it has nothing to do with breasts being an “anatomical feature men love”. If that were the case they wouldn’t use bras, they would use something that looks like boobs. Maybe melons. Big, round, juicy, delicious, sweet melons. Succulent, ripe, smooth… OK you get the point.

Oh and by the way, no matter how hard you try to stop it, men like boobs and women like that men like boobs. Maybe you don’t have any boobs or maybe you don’t have a man, but the least you could do is stay out of regular, happy people’s way while they are raising money for cancer.


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