New Highway Bridge Proposal For Canal Revisited

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A while back we published a poll asking whether or not people thought we should build the proposed bridge right next to the Sagamore bridge. The results were very close at 51% against and 49% for the bridge. (3,457 votes)

At that time we did not add our opinion due to an understanding that I am not nearly smart enough to inject my opinion either way when it comes to something this big. Well luckily we found someone much smarter than me who seems to have it all figured out.

Captain Thomas L. Bushy of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy has been pondering this question since 1997. He has written both the Cape Cod Commission and the Governor with his ideas. He has agreed to let us publish those letters here in lieu of us babbling incoherently and making silly jokes about the subject. To read the proposal from Capt. Bushy CLICK HERE

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