The Latest Civil Rights Movement – #CapeGirlsUnite

I had a revelation last night. One that was kind of sad, but totally eye opening. And naturally I’ve decided to tie it to civil rights.

I recently had a gentleman go to an awful lot of trouble to figure out my name, how to contact me and what I liked to do for fun in order to plan and ask me out on a date. As a direct result, I assumed he was a complete and total psycho and began calling any and all mutual friends we had on Facebook to ask about his most recent kills and how quickly one could get a restraining order.

Then I took a step back. Why was I weirded out by someone who went above and beyond to find me then chivalrously ask to take me out? I mean, isn’t this what girls are constantly saying they need and want out of a male suitor? He made a solid effort, picked up the phone and requested my company like a freaking man.

I immediately realized what my problem was. I automatically assumed there was some sort of ulterior motive and that his efforts were nothing but empty words and dead end plans. Why? Because that’s what we’re used to. But not because Cape Guys are dickhead’s, but because we LET them treat us like that, and almost prefer it. It’s a daily toss up of whether or not you want to murder him in his sleep or have his babies.

My favorite character on Game of Thrones is John Snow. Someone asked me why. Outside of the fact that he dated a ginger, my natural response was, “well because he’s good looking, doesn’t give a fuck about anything and has anger management issues/no future. Soo basically he’s my type.” It’s like I would rather lose sleep and waste tears on the guy that doesn’t give a shit, because on the small chance that he does or says something nice, it’s THAT much more gratifying and meaningful. The moment you break through the barrier that is his asshole nature, you’ve never felt more special or loved. Wait, what?


It’s almost like we choose to be treated badly. Oh, you have a job, own a home and want to take me out to dinner? Sorry, I only date poor people with no ambition. If you tell me I’m beautiful and smart, and how lucky you are to date me, I’m going to go throw up in a corner and tell all my friends you murder people in your basement and then wear their skin like a suit.

It’s OUR fault that we end up alone or in 5-year long dead end relationships. Let’s cut the shit! Say ‘yes’ to the guy that maybe makes you a bit uncomfortable at first and say NO to the guy who you’ve been “talking to” for months yet “doesn’t want a relationship”. That’s Cape Guy code for “You’re cool, but I want to fuck other bitches.” Let’s stand up for our right to be treated like queens. We’re done, ladies. #CapeGirlsUnite

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