There Are Kids On Cape Cod That Don’t Have Their Own Toothbrush?


BP – Did you know that many kids don’t own a toothbrush and must share one with family members? That nearly 33 percent of Barnstable County’s households have limited or no access to affordable dental care? The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod has partnered with Harbor Community Health Center in Hyannis for the Great Brush Out. During February, the bank’s branches will collect toothbrushes that will then be distributed to school nurses, social service agencies and food pantries across the Cape. For more info click here.

A toothbrush drive? There are kids on Cape Cod that don’t have a toothbrush? I don’t know if I believe that, it’s an unbelievable statement. I believe the dental care part, but where are these kids on Cape Cod with no toothbrush? Is that why Cape kids are so ornery these days, because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush?

This may sound harsh, but if you have kids and you make them share a toothbrush, they should be taken away from you immediately. What’s a basic toothbrush cost, $2? Buy one less box of Fruity Pebbles this week and get your kid a fucking toothbrush. Collect 40 empty cans, bring them to the redemption center, and get your kid a fucking toothbrush. Go stand on a street corner playing a kazoo with a hat out for change, do whatever you have to do, but go get your kid a fucking toothbrush.

There should be a test before you can have kids. We can start small and have one question on it…

1. Would you be able to secure a toothbrush in the next 2 hours if need be?

If you answer no, then no kid for you. Come back in one year and try again.

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  1. Astonishing….Just Googled Toothbrushes ….you can get 4 toothbrushes, at Walmart for $3.48, less than a bag of Doritos…

  2. Dear Hippie, I started the toothbrush drive the day a school nurse told me a young student in her sick bay had casually told her that he and his mom were brushing their teeth with their fingers. We've heard many, many reports like this. If you make minimum wage and barely make ends meet, just imagine the number of stresses and complications you deal with every day. I can assure you that there are a number of hard-working people in this community who don't have the resources to provide their children with everything they need. The toothbrushes are distributed to school nurses, food pantries, WIC offices, the Baby Center and other social service organizations, and the workers there tell me they fly off the shelves. A toothbrush is a small way to help, but it is a help. Let's hope that it will also bring more awareness to the problems many seasonal and minimum-wage families face. If you'd like to talk to me directly or if by chance you'd like to help, please check our Facebook page and click on the Great Brush Out widget on the right-side margin.

  3. Dear Ms Repucci, there were days when money was real tight, but never tight enough that I couldn't afford a toothbrush for my child. I can guarantee those parents have enough money to have the latest phone and enough to buy cigarettes.

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