Introducing The Cape Cod Dive Bar Tournament – Let The Voting Begin!

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Here we go, we asked you the readers on Twitter and Facebook to nominate the best dive bars across Cape Cod and you answered the call in droves. We have counted the hundreds of nominations and put the top 32 into a bracket tournament. The more nominations a bar received the higher the seed we gave it in the tournament. So remember, if you have a problem with the rankings don’t blame us, blame yourselves.

When the tournament is over we will be doing an unprecedented pub crawl. The Real Cape Crew and those of you who choose to join us on the bus (or 2) will go on the most epic journey in the history of pub crawls by drinking in a dive bar in every single town on Cape Cod in one day. To say it will be insane would be the understatement of the year.

So let’s get to the voting, below are half of the first round matchups, with the other half to follow shortly. Please vote and share this so that we get it out there across The Cape and give every bar a fair shot.

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  1. There’s quite a few that didn’t make the cut… Mainly because they’re true dive bars and the patrons of said establishments aren’t the type to vote on anything… They’re too busy collecting cans and dumpster diving, the true American Heroes. Doing dirty work nickle and diming their way to work off last nights tab… Long story short, respect the frank gallaghers of this world.

  2. I’m a little disappointed that, Kevin’s Seafood, in South Yarmouth wasn’t a nominee! They’ve earned it!

  3. Hasn’t Joe’s Twin Villa been closed for years? Last time I drove by you it looked like the vines growing out the windows were holding it up.

  4. How did fancy a$s Flynns get on here and Kevin’s in Yarmouth didn’t? Flynns is one of the nicer bars in Bourne. And which 53% of idiots think it’s more of a dive than the Bomb Shelter? The 53% that have never been to the Bomb Shelter? It’s in a basement. With no windows. You could grow wheat in the carpet.

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