The Cape Cod Dive Bar Madness Tournament Bracket B Voting Is Now Open!

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Remember, the more nominations a bar received the higher the seed we gave it in the tournament. So remember, if you have a problem with the rankings don’t blame us, blame yourselves.

When the tournament is over we will be doing an unprecedented pub crawl. The Real Cape Crew and those of you who choose to join us on the bus (or 2) will go on the most epic journey in the history of pub crawls by drinking in a dive bar in every single town on Cape Cod in one day. To say it will be insane would be the understatement of the year.

So let’s get to the voting, below are the Bracket B first round matchups. Please scroll down to vote for every matchup and share this so that we get it out there across The Cape and give every bar a fair shot. If you haven’t voted for Bracket A yet you can do so HERE.

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  1. how can you have the 28 club and doyle’s in the same starting bracket? each deserve the chance to move on!

  2. The Whaleback must receive HUGE points for getting shut down in the middle of this tournament!
    Awesome play Whaleback, pure genius!!!

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