Insane Tony’s Top 5 Shows Of 2013


So with the 2013 coming to a quick end, it’s time for everyone’s top list of everything and anything. So I decided to throw my ring in the hat. I am going with the top 5 live performances that I witnessed in 2013. Most I saw here on the cape, except one that I volunteered  to work at. Some of the names on my list you will recognize, a few of them may be foreign to you but this is my top 5 and not yours.

5-Afroman– @The Beach House. I know Mr.Fro is not the most talented musician/rapper out there but dude put on a good show. This guy gets straight up blasted. From chugging Colt45’s to rippin down blunts this legend party like he’s from Cape Cod. Mighty Ceej(who opened the show) said it the best it’s a cross between a comedy show and a rap show. Those are two of my favorite things , so this was right up there for me for 2013. Plus we got to hang with him for a bit before the show and he was about as real and funny as you get.

4-Crooked Coast-@Luke’s House Boat. This was a private birthday party on a house boat in Woods Hole. Three bands where there to celebrate this day of birth. DCLA, The Brothers Rye and Crooked Coast combined for a great day of music and celebration. There was also a mini half pipe built on the boat to add to the awesomeness. This was my first time seeing DCLA play and they impressed beyond my expectations. Brothers Rye and Crooked Coast did their thing and did not disappoint once again. The day was capped off with  a fireworks display.

3-Spirtual Rez-@The Boat House. This Band is always a must see when you get the chance. Over the summer of 2013 I went to see the Rez and once again I left knowing my legs would be sore the next day.(And my head would feel like it was in a vice) As energy filled as a live show can get, these guys go 100% a 100% of the show. Also to my surprise they where open for by a band that caught my attention. This band was Viva La Hop. This organic hip hop band has a great compliment to the Rez.

2-ALO-@ The Beach House. In the world of jam music ALO(Animal Liberation Orchestra) is one of the biggest names on the scene. To have Pat pull these guys on to the cape was amazing. This group of great guys delivered with a show I still listen to almost daily. They interacted great with the crowd and even played some Massachusetts theme songs. They rocked Dirty Water and even busted out Sweet Caroline. I We got to have a few beers with them after the show and they where equally as great as the show. The John Beninghof Band got our dancing shoes warmed up with a rocking set.

1-Zack Deputy-@Boston Harbor Cruise. I know this wasn’t on the Cape but it’s not my top 5 shows from the cape. But there is a Cape connection with him, when Zack takes a backing band with him he takes members of Funktapuss on tour with him. I was lucky enough to get on the boat for sound check and have dinner with Zack. If you do not know this man be sure to check him out. This guy is a one man ninja funk show. If you are not dancing at a  Zack Deputy show you must hate music or be a communist bastard. His live show puts the funk in funkatopiaism. He delivers the  jams like I delivered him his burrito. Not to mention he is one great guy, anyone that wanted a photo or an autograph he complied. Nowadays it’s hard to find a national touring musician that will take that much time with fans. So make sure if you are not a commie and like music be sure to check out a Zack Deputy show.

A few honorable mentions are Don Mcloskey and The Toe Jam Puppet Band.(Highly suggested if you have kids)
So get out there and see more live music in 2014!
Whats was your favorite show of the past year?
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