Help Wanted – Sea Salt Collector – What The Hell Is A Sea Salt Collector?

salt collector

Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt

Salt Collector

Do you love salt, the ocean and are fearless of undertow?

Have driver’s license and common sense? How about housing . . . because you need not apply if you do not have housing on Martha’s Vineyard and a vehicle to get you to our headquarters.

Send letters of inquiry. We’d love to hear from you.

Will I get my Cape card taken away if I say I that I don’t have the slightest clue what a salt collector does? I always figured sea salt was retrieved from the ocean by diverting water into holding tanks, evaporating the liquid and leaving the minerals behind. If that is the case then why would you need a collector and why would that person need to love the ocean and be fearless of undertow? Are those metaphors? Please tell me that Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt has a way to get ocean water that doesn’t involve people walking into the ocean with pails.

That’s not really the point of this post though. The real reason for writing this is to point out how awesome job listings around here are in the winter. Where else do you need to list having common sense and a home as a pre-requisite in a job listing? Most places are worried about your education and work history but not here. On The Vineyard in the winter you are qualified for most jobs as long as you aren’t retarded and homeless.

This is why I don’t understand what a “salt collector” does. If it were really just walking into the ocean and scooping water out with pails then I would think retarded homeless people would be perfect candidates for the job.

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