We Found Out Why Katharine The Shark Was Trying To Come So Far Inland


As you probably know by now, I was convinced that Katharine the great white shark was stalking me to get revenge for all of my shark posts this summer. Well, it turns out I was completely wrong about her. She was actually circling the Cape and coming into bays and harbors because she heard about our Wailers show and was trying to get tickets. That’s right folks, Katharine is the REGGAE SHARK!

The Wailers performing the Legend album in it’s entirety is so highly anticipated that even the sharks are trying to get advance tickets. You would be smart to get your own as well, these tickets are selling faster than any event we’ve ever done so make haste before Katharine gets your ticket.



thanks to Louis for the tip

Reggae shark is real! Him got a band with the seals!

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