Falmouth House For Sale – Julia Roberts Slept In The Guest House!


Home also includes a guest house with bath & hot tub (Julia Roberts stayed in this guest house). Professionally landscaped grounds with 12 person hot tub. COME SEE TO BELIEVE!!  listing here

Before I get the inevitable emails from people saying the listing broker for this house is their baby in law’s sisters cousins aunt and she’s a really good person and doesn’t deserve to be made fun of, I just want to say that I am sure the folks who listed this property are great people. I follow them on Twitter, they seem lovely and I understand it is an agent’s duty to put what the homeowner tells them in a listing. These people are not what I am about to rant about, this rant is about society and it’s worshiping of false idols. So please no email saying I made your auntie cry OK? Ok.

(Honestly, I get emails like that all the time from people with zero reading comprehension skills, I may start publishing them so you folks can see what I deal with)

Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about how bananas it is that Julia Roberts is even mentioned in this listing. What planet do you have to be from to remotely care that Julia Roberts once slept somewhere? First off we aren’t talking about George Washington here, we are talking about a woman famous for pretending to be a really nice whore in a movie.

What do the people who care about this kind of thing think makes this room any different than any other room in the world? Do they think that if they rub their ass on the pillow that means Julia Roberts tossed their salad or something? Does it still smell like her? Is her spirit still there? Can the new owner artificially inseminate the room to get it pregnant and have little Julia Roberts room babies with gigantic mouths? I DON’T GET IT!

The bottom line is if you are thinking about buying a house for $2.7 million and Julia Roberts having slept in the guest house factors into your decision in any way, then you should be spayed, neutered and euthanized immediately.

P.S. For $2.7 million dollars you don’t need Julia Roberts’ pillow… I’ll toss your salad.

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