China Palace In Sandwich Gets Liquor License Suspended

china palace – SANDWICH – Owners of China Palace Restaurant have decided not to appeal a two-month suspension of the restaurant’s liquor license.

The license was handed in to Sandwich police and the restaurant began serving its suspension Monday, Kathleen Coggeshall, who handles such licenses for the Sandwich Board of Selectmen, said.

A sign outside the restaurant in Canterbury Plaza on Monday said China Palace will serve only takeout for the next two months. The full-service restaurant will reopen April 10, according to the sign.

A Chinese restaurant getting its liquor license suspended just seems strange to me. I always figured Chinese restaurants operated on a different playing field with a different set of rules. Kind of like how every bar in the country does illegal March Madness gambling pools. Everyone knows it’s illegal but it’s just accepted.

Well I thought Chinese restaurants operated in that “illegal but accepted” grey area in society. I mean everyone reading this has had an illegal underage drink at a Chinese restaurant. When you are so shitfaced that you’ve been kicked out of every respectable bar in town, the Chinese welcome you with open arms and a Scorpion Bowl.

If we just start busting up Chinese places where will underage kids get their first drink? How will drunken traveler’s know exactly where to get cocaine late at night in a town they’ve never been to before? Where will creepy old dudes go in their 1974 Corvette’s to be served Mai Thai’s until they can’t see out of their left eyeball?

Come on Sandwich, I thought we had an understanding, Chinese restaurants are in international waters, nobody has jurisdiction over them.

My man Allen T. knows what’s up, here’s his review of China Palace on Yelp:



5 Stars indeed.

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