Eversource To Move Power Lines Due to Cormorants Pooping Off Them Incessantly


CapeCodTimes.com – At least 400 cormorants sit on the power lines across Cedar Pond each day in the late summer and early fall. As the birds release guano they contribute significant and damaging amounts of organic matter and nutrients into the water, including phosphorus and bacteria, town officials and consultants say.

Eversource Energy has agreed to prepare a cost estimate for burying the power lines across the pond, after talks Tuesday with town, county and state officials and consultants.

“I think Eversource finally understands the depth of our interest in cleaning up this pond, and that they need to invest the time and effort to do that,” Carolyn Kennedy of the Orleans Marine and Fresh Water Quality Task Force said.

It’s a bit surprising that we are actually asking Eversource to run these wires underground to stop the Cormorants from pooping in the pond. The way we usually coddle wildlife these days you’d think they’d go the other direction and try to make them as comfortable as possible while they defecate all over us.

We close entire beaches and build condos for nesting Plovers but we pull the porcelain right out from under the Cormorants asses while they’re trying to drop a deuce? That doesn’t seem fair, why not make Eversource install some Venetian blinds for privacy, add little padding on the wires for comfort, put in a few magazine racks and provide them with WiFi so they can check their Plenty of Fish apps?

All I know is that I hope they plan on installing 50 or so Porta Potties on the banks of Cedar Pond. Everyone knows you can’t just go around disturbing birds on Cape Cod, they have a right to poop just as much as any of us. Cormorants are people too for crying out loud.

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