Dude Guy Crashes His Volvo Through The Wall At Hyannis McDonald’s


They say this guy was backing up to leave a parking spot after being inside the restaurant. So the real question here is what kind of a lunatic goes INTO McDonald’s to eat these days? There are two acceptable times to actually set foot in a McD’s. One is if you’re on a road trip and you need to stretch your legs and use the bathroom, the other is if you have little kids and there is a playground on site. This dude is 76 and lives a few towns away so we can eliminate those two scenarios with a good amount of confidence.

Maybe we should remove the reverse gear from people’s cars when they turn 70. All these oldies crashing into buildings are always either in reverse, or they thought they were in reverse but jumped forward. Let’s just remove one of the directions their cars can travel in and we will probably save a few million a year in property damage. Sorry Grandpa, no parking if it doesn’t have a loop driveway.

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  1. Foot got stuck under the pedal…it happens. 60+ you should have to have a driving test every year imo.

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