Design Contest – Truro Needs A New Logo


CCT – Designers, artists and other historically minded folks are invited to submit a design for the Truro Historical Society’s logo contest.  The society’s board members put out the call this week for designs for an official logo.

The designer of the winning logo will receive a prize of $250. The newly chosen official logo will be used to brand all Truro Historical Society merchandise including t-shirts and baseball caps.

Designs may be submitted electronically in either PDF or JPEG format to [email protected]. Designs may not exceed 8″x8″ in size. Designs must be emailed, mailed (Truro Historical Society, PO Box 486, Truro, MA 02666) or delivered to the Cobb Archive at 13 Truro Center Road in Truro by 3 p.m. on Wednesday, March 5, 2014.

Is this normal? Do towns usually just have an open invite for any Tom, Dick and Harry to design their logo? We were thinking of having a logo contest for The Real Cape but we didn’t want to be too bush league about it so I was thinking this is odd for a town. Then I realized something, there is a chance that not one graphic designer lives in Truro. So then I looked up the population of Truro.


I knew Truro was small, but I had no idea it was that small. 5 times the amount of people that live in Truro will visit this website today. Truro has the same population as Barnstable High School. So yeah, do you Truro. Will someone with some skills please help out our brethren to the north with a new logo? Maybe a P-Town artist can help them out. Remember, without the wrist there can’t be a fist.

P.S. Does anyone from Truro read this? If so I have a question, can you get a pizza delivered to your house? I just don’t think I could live without that option.

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