Hyannis Men Arrested After Transporting Stolen Flat Screen TV In A Taxi – Yes… A Taxi

flat scree

BPD – On Monday December 9, 2013 at 2:30 a.m. Barnstable Police Officers were dispatched to the International Inn at 662 Main St. in Hyannis to investigate a suspicious person that had been dropped off by a taxi cab in possession of a possibly stolen flat screen television.

The Yarmouth Police Department was investigating a possible breaking and entering in their town and had received information that a male was picked up in a cab and transported to the International Inn with the television.

These dudes were charged with a slew of other things besides the TV. Click the link to read all about it if you want but we really need to discuss the matter at hand. Who transports a stolen flat screen TV in a cab? To a hotel?

I decided the best way to rationalize this would be to list off all the different reasons that a person would bring a flat screen TV to a hotel in cab. Maybe it’s not as suspicious as one would think? Maybe just because nobody I know would ever do it, that doesn’t mean some other people don’t do it on the regular.

So I asked a bunch of other people for their input and began assembling the list. Here it is, the definitive list of every single possible reason on earth that a person would transport a flat screen television to a hotel in a taxi.

1. They stole it

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