Cod Fishing Officially Shut Down – Is It Time To Change Cape Cod’s Name?


WCAI – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is shutting down cod fishing, from Provincetown up to the Canadian border. No fishermen – commercial or recreational – may trawl or use certain large nets that might catch cod.

Federal regulators are imposing the emergency fishing restrictions in response to plummeting numbers of cod in the Gulf of Maine. The measures will go into effect on Thursday and will prevent commercial fishermen from targeting cod.

I guess we could just legally change the name to “The Cape”? At least that would end the debate of whether or not to capitalize the T. Or maybe we should go with something scary like Cape Fear has? Maybe Cape Rape in honor of what we did to the animal we were originally named for?

Maybe we should go with something that we are known for now? How about Cape Old People? Maybe Cape Drugs? Too negative? Cape Dogfish? Cape Seals?

How about Cape Awesome Sauce? The Cape formerly known as Cod? Maybe this…

prince symbol

Oh, I don’t know… this is too hard. You guys decide.

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  1. Brother. Cape Rape is a little extreme, considering the fuckers were being managed. Catch Shares like the Enviro extremists said was gonna fix everything only made it worse. The water heated up and drove them out to deep water and north to Canada, true story. The only ones that can't find them is the NE Science Center!

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