ethel kennedy cheryl hines

Cat Fight! Ethel Kennedy And Cheryl Hines At Odds Over Bobby Jr.

ethel kennedy cheryl hines

Enquirer – Ethel Kennedy, 86, was all smiles when her son Bobby, 60, wed the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” beauty, 49,, at the family compound in Hyannis Port, Mass., in August., in AugustBut that smile has turned upside down now that the newlyweds are nesting 3,000 miles away in a home in the tony Point Dume section ofMalibu.

“Ethel had all assurances from what Bobby Jr. told her that they would settle on the East Coast and be close to her home in Hyannis,” a family friend told The ENQUIRER. “At her age, Ethel wanted Bobby and his youngest boys, who are both teenagers, close by.“ Ethel suspects Cheryl doesn’t want her influencing Bobby, and she puts the blame for the move to California at her feet.”

Ethel was “initially very welcoming of Cheryl,” according to another friend. “At her age, Ethel wanted Bobby and his youngest boys, who are both teens, close by. She believed that they would visit her on weekends,” the friend said.But after Cheryl’s sitcom “Suburgatory” was canceled, “she told Bobby she needs to be in L.A. for the sake of her career,” said another source.

The family insider added: “Of her 11 children, Ethel is closer to Bobby than anyone, and it breaks her heart that he won’t be around much. “Ethel felt she extended her hand in welcoming Cheryl, and it ended up getting bit.”

The honeymoon is OVAH! Looks like we’ve got ourselves a bona fide Yoko Ono situation here. Who the hell does Cheryl Hines think she is? You can’t break up The Kennedys! This slut is forcing Bobby Jr. to live in LA after he told Ethel he would be close to her in Hyannis?

I don’t think Cheryl Hines realizes who she’s fucking with here. The OG Kennedys aren’t to be trifled with, they’ve seen some shit. Ethel might be past her prime but she’ll put that bitch in a trash can without hesitation.

Consider this an open letter to Cheryl Hines, you get Bobby Jr. back to Hyannis where he belongs or your ass is getting the Mary Jo Kopechne treatment.

P.S. Yes, this was in The National Enquirer, but anyone who’s anyone knows that the shit they publish is all true nowadays.

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