#CapeCod Tweet Of The Day – Traci Bingham From Baywatch

Why is Traci Bingham from Baywatch tweeting at The Lobster Trap with the #capecod hashtag? Does that lobster have an upside down trophy for a tail? Was she on Cape Cod? Why do Germans love David Hasselhoff so much? Did she save any people from drowning while she was here for old times sake? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

The answer to all of them is who gives a shit! Have you seen Traci Bingham lately? She followed up that tweet with THIS (Do not click that link if you do not like half naked women) so she can do whatever the hell she wants if it means more of that during my daily search of the #capecod hashtag.

UPDATE: Our readers are good! Turns out she was at The Lobster Trap…


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