Cape Cod Virtual Yard Sale Ad Of The Day – Purple Pleasure Adult Sling


I have a question. How does someone not know if they are “adventurous” enough to enjoy a purple pleasure sling? That’s a pretty specialized piece of equipment, it’s not like buying a pair of pants and then realizing that they just don’t fit right. Like, I know I’m not a leopard print Speedo guy. I don’t need to buy one and try it to make sure. Basically, if you have a drawer or shelf dedicated to flavored lubricants and sex toys, go ahead and get yourself a purple pleasure sling. If not, save your money.

One thing I can tell you for sure is if I did buy the purple pleasure sling and decided it wasn’t for me, I would eat the $50. Nothing like telling 30 thousand or so people on the internet that while you thought you were a freak in the sack, sadly, it turns out that you aren’t. Might as well wear a T-Shirt that says “Missionary With The Lights Off And Socks On Is How I Roll”.

P.S. You know you want to Google those missing instructions. Go ahead and do it.

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  1. Maybe its less of an adventurous thing and more of a coordination thing. So when they read the actual directions they realized that they lack the acrobatic skills that get edited out of porn.

  2. Although I am banned from the site I would certainly like to purchase that. No need to download the instructions. My old one just broke. What it doesn't say in the instructions which it should have…. "No Fat Chicks"

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