Cape Cod Scam Alert – Morons Must Read!

scam alert

Wicked Local – Barnstable County Sheriff James M. Cummings is alerting Cape Codders to a new telephone swindle that could lead to a $100 plunge in their savings or checking account.

The scam was reported to the Sheriff’s Office today.   According to the Sheriff, it works this way:

A call is received advising, “You’ve just won $1.7 million in cash or a new Mercedes Benz.  (These prizes could vary, of course, because they’re made up to begin with.)

A lawyer and Barnstable County deputy sheriff, the scam script continues, will be on the way over with the cash or the car.  In the meantime, all they need from you is a $100 processing fee, presumably to “hold” the prize.

What type of mental midget gets taken by a scam like this? You always hear that it’s old people who fall for these schemes but shouldn’t they know better? The oldies have been around longer, they should be harder to trick. Bottom line is, if you’re dumb enough to hand over a C-note as a fee to win $1.7 million then not only do you deserve to lose your money, you should be removed from society in general.

This is the inherent problem with being at the top of the food chain and having no natural enemies. Any person dumb enough to fall for this crap would have most likely been eaten by a lion as a kid because they ran into a tree and knocked themselves out or some shit. Instead they are allowed to grow old and waste the Sheriffs time with useless investigations because they gave a hundred bucks to a Nigerian Prince so he could afford to wire them $1.7 million.

The Sheriff shouldn’t even pretend to investigate these cases, just euthanize the victims until there is nobody stupid enough left for the scammers to trick.

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