Cape Cod Has Junior Hockey… With Fights?


Hold the god damn phone! This is happening on The Cape? Hockey fights are one of the greatest pleasures in life and they are going on right under our nose?!

Can anyone fill us in on these games? Are there fights every time they play or are they rare? Are there goons? Who is the Cape Cod goon? WE NEED TO KNOW!

P.S. Not sure how I feel about the name Islanders. On one hand this is technically a man made island. On the other hand Islander hockey is derivative of New York and New York fucking sucks.

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  1. I play for the Islanders and this doesnt happen too often but I wouldnt xall it uncommon for a fight to break out in a junior game. We are not all goons but we have seen our fair share of them. It’s not like Slap Shot, if your hockey fan its a really good time to come and watch a game. You

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