The Cape Cod Dive Bar Tournament Final Four! – Voting Open Now

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As is expected with anything subjective in nature, there have been some complaints during this tournament. There were a few nominees that some people felt weren’t actually dive bars. There were some serious dives that lost in the early rounds while even a strip club advanced. Many crowd favorites were eliminated early. The Towne Tavern, the inspiration for this tournament and sentimental favorite following their recent fire, was eliminated in the great eight.

With all of that said, nobody can argue with this Final Four. The cream has risen to the top. While you may have a place that is your favorite, you can not deny that every bar left deserves to be here. These are four infamous Cape Cod establishments and it will be interesting to see what happens now. It’s anyone’s tournament at this point folks, now get to voting and sharing!

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  1. No its suppose to be quarter deck and grumpy in the final two fox hole sucks and 19th hole ur not welcome unless ur a cop ir a firefighter

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