Few things pure in this world anymore..and home is one of the few

5f2f8c12ea12200884ca483bec55216f-2Yes, I totally just went 1997 up in this bitch and quoted THE song that was played at every high school bonfire, filled the bottom of everyone’s AIM profile and was quoted throughout college while waiting for summer break. Why? Because it not only brings me back to a time when my biggest concern was trying to stay far enough away from the fire to not smell like an ashtray but close enough to keep warm.. but because truer words could not have been sung. And also because I just saw OAR perform with Phillip Phillips and honestly, any guy with a guitar: I’m single.

I remember leaving the Cape every fall to drive through Boston on my way to college. I would look up at the tall buildings and sparkly lights and say to myself, “THAT is where I’m going to be someday. I’m going to be living in that city, making millions of dollars, living in a fabulous apartment with this super chic job where I get to travel all over the world.”

And now I totally am. Well, kind of. I mean I made it to the city but I’m poor, live in a studio and definitely don’t have a super chic job. I do travel a lot, but I spend 90% of that travel time alone in a hotel room watching Law & Order SVU and eating room service. But whatever, I ate cheese from the good side of the store tonight so honestly I’m living like a King this week and have zero complaints.

So, what’s my point here? My point is that I did all those things and then some. And yet still, for some reason, that place I so desperately wanted to leave for the “big city” is the place I literally dream about being Monday-Friday while I’m stuck in the office. Knowing that no matter where I am in this world or what I may be doing, I have a place I call home and I’m always welcomed with open arms every time I walk into it. And what’s even better than that is that I CHOOSE to be there over anywhere I’ve been and hope to go. I may have had to leave home to realize how great it was, but trust me I have.

I have been to some really great cities, parties and events. I mean I’ve taken my father on an all expense paid trip to the Super Bowl in New Orleans, partied on the 50 yard line at Dallas Cowboy Stadium, spent weekends in wine country, learned how to paddle board in Puerto Rico and went snorkeling in the Bahamas. And even after all of that, nothing excites me more than getting in my car and heading over that bridge every Friday afternoon.

To me it’s so damn easy to see
that true people are the people at home.
Well, I’ve been away but now I’m back today,
and there ain’t a place I’d rather go.

Some may laugh at that, or even go as far as to say I need to get out more or get a life. And those people are probably right, and most definitely assholes who need to be hugged more and clearly had shitty upbringings, but let’s try and look past that. If you’re from Cape Cod, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. You could be coming back from your dream vacation, visiting for the weekend from your new home across the country or even just coming to meet a friend for dinner – when you see the arches of the bridge, you instantly feel peace.

I don’t need more than a friends backyard, a fire pit to stand around and good conversation to be the happiest girl in the entire world. Throw in a sweatshirt, some beers and music? Hallelujah Christmas has come early, betches. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve come home with all kinds of big plans to go out to this bar, and go drive here to see so-and-so, but without even realizing; it’s 1am and none of us wanted to leave the backyard because we were having too much fun talking and sharing stories.

So go grab your friends, a hoody, some beers and something to set on fire and just HANG OUT. Forget your problems, forget the bills you still need to pay or that Discovery Channel decided to open up Shark Week with a “fictional documentary” (<– seriously, what the FUCK was that?! Save it for another post, GG…save it for another post..). It doesn’t matter who you are, where you go or what you’re doing – when you’re with your friends you feel home. And just like that bitch Dorthy said, there’s no place like motha fuckin’ home, especially when you’re from Cape Cod. Or something like that.

cause to me throughout eternity
there’s somewhere where you’re welcome to go
I said it’s something free that means a lot to me
when I’m with my friends I feel home.

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