BREAKING: There’s A Cape Cod Native In The 2015 Miss Massachusetts Pageant

jessica strohm

It’s come to our attention that Cape Cod native Jessica Strohm will be a contestant in the Miss Massachusetts Pageant this year. From the looks of things she should represent the peninsula just fine, there’s really only one question…

The Pageant committee isn’t going to bother going through the entire rigmarole of actually putting this pageant on this year are they? Save some time and energy and just hand over the tiara, this one isn’t even gonna be close!

jessica strohm miss massachusetts

Since it’s our duty to keep you updated on what’s happening in the world of Cape Cod, we here at The Real Cape pledge to you, our readers, that we will be following this very closely, making sure to cover all the angles, finding all of the photos, because… you know… research…

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