Bomb Squad Investigates Suspicious Bag At Cumberland Farms

yarmouth bomb

WHDH – A State Police bomb squad was on the scene in Yarmouth on Saturday for reports of a suspicious duffel bag.  

The suspicious object was found outside the West Yarmouth Cumberland Farms gas station on Route 28 at around 2:45 p.m. 

Crews used a motorized robot to examine the bag. 

What a world we live in. Someone forgets their bag next to a Red Box at Cumbies and the next thing you know the bomb squad is on the scene with remote control robots and shit. Terrorists must love to see stories like this, it must make them so happy to know that they are so deep in our heads that an unattended bag of dirty skivvies elicits such an over the top tactical response. These terrorist sons of bitches have us so scared that a laundry bag full of explosives at a convenience store on Cape Cod is actually fucking plausible to us.

On the plus side though, it is nice to see Number 5 from Short Circuit doing well in a new career…

number 5

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