A Sister is Your First Frenemy.

I have two sisters; one older, one younger. So yes, that means I’m the red-headed middle child. For those of you confused; that’s one step above being the red-headed step child. None of us look alike, we literally don’t even share the slightest resemblance and they may in fact be adopted.

I’m fairly confident my little sister, Hermana, is Spanish and may even come from some sort of Mexican background and my older sister, Boobs McGee, has blonde hair, blue eyes and giant tits. My Dad has red hair so we all know I’m legit.

The three of us are super close and talk every day, tell each other everything and even have all the same friends.  We weren’t always like that, though. I used to try and kill my little sister all the time and Boobs McGee used to be so mean in high school that she’d make me sit in the back seat of her car even if no one else was in it. At the time, I found this incredibly embarrassing, but looking back I realize it did nothing but verify my Princess existence, because what 14 year old gets chauffeured to and from school?

Hermana is a bad ass bitch who rocks the “mountain chic” lifestyle for all its worth in New Hampshire while fighting crime next to her mountain-man boyfriend. They’re obsessed with their dogs, which I find weird as fuck, but the lab and dachshund are more well behaved than Boobs McGee’s human offspring so who am I to judge?  She’s always the first one to remind me if I’m being selfish and brings me back down to earth.


We’ve traveled the Country together running hilarious half marathons and I almost always beat her. Not because I’m faster, but because she usually stops half way for an alcoholic bevvy or just hitches a ride because she’s like “fuck this, and you, for talking me into another stupid fucking race, why can’t we just vacation like normal people with no exercise?”  Love her.

Boobs McGee (although much more reserved and not nearly as high maintenance as I), is one of the main reasons I’ve survived as long as I have. In true “big sister” fashion, she taught me the importance of nice clothes, how to hide everything from our parents and always made sure to unlock her bedroom window so I could break in when I’d sneak out of the house late night to walk around our neighborhood like a fucking weirdo as she constantly reminded me I was.

Even though she was usually mean, always ignored my existence and didn’t allow me in her room, she always had my back and taught me how to stand up for myself. It began when she slapped the shit out of one of the neighborhood boys when he called her a bitch at the ripe age of 11.  She also passed on the art of making mushroom bombs to throw at the BRP whenever they came riding down our neighborhood like the wannabe hood rats they were.

Having sisters was great growing up because you have your two best friends around all the time. You have someone to steal clothes from, fight and then hang out with and two people that understand and appreciate you for who you are without ever questioning or making you feel like you’re wrong.

Unless one of those bitches tells mom you have a dentist appointment that you were trying to hide and thought you had gotten away with, then all that shit goes out the mother fucking window and she better run and hide before she is found and badly, badly injured.

But that almost never happens.

Sometimes, I wished I had a brother. Not instead of my sisters or anything, especially since Hermana is pretty much a dude (she’d rather buy a new gun then a Kate Spade bag, plays sports and likes yard work.. psycho) but in addition. Mostly so I could hit on his friends. But that’s what my best friend’s brothers are for – I love always getting what I want.


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TRC & GG Advice Column: Volume 1


Dear TRC & GG

I unexpectedly spent the night at a guy’s house this weekend. I woke up later than expected and literally had to run out the door to meet my family in time for my sisters birthday brunch. I had no choice other than to show up in the clothes I had left the house in the night before and my family immediately noticed and made me feel awful.

How would you suggest I avoid this in the future?

Dear Whore,

Well for starters I’d suggest that you stop going home with rando’s from the bar – haven’t you ever heard of that saying “no one is going to buy the whole cow if they’re getting the milk for free”? Or some shit like that. I don’t know, I’m not a huge milk person seeing as how it’s used to fatten calf’s, but whatever you get the point.

I do sympathize, however, with the occasional surprise sleep over. I couldn’t tell you how many times I woke up on my best friend’s couch (usually with a McChicken), and nothing makes you feel like more of a trash bag then pairing heels with sweatpants, amiright?

So how do I get around this now? I always have an extra change of clothes in my trunk/purse. Dresses take up little to no room, so I’ll fold one up and toss it in my purse with a pair of fold-a-flats. BOOM. Instantly ready and de-whored for family brunch.

You’re welcome,



Dear Hoey Hoenstein,

This is pretty simple actually. Next time your family has a get together before 3 p.m. on a weekend, show up handcuffed to a broken bed post with one broken heel, a prescription bottle on a chain around your neck and a Something About Mary jizzed up hairdo. Sit down, order a scotch, neat, and then calmly ask them what the FUCK they are all looking at.

I promise you this, the next time you show up at a family event wearing the same outfit from the night before, nobody will care one bit, in fact they will be so relieved they’ll probably tell you how great you look and buy you a scotch.
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“Aunt of the Year Award” Goes to….


I love kids. Especially when they’re not mine. I mean sure, I may or may not have accidentally given one of my best friend’s son adult Benadryl at 6 months old (whatever, all it did was make him sleep for 3 days, soo you’re actually welcome), and I possibly could have vomited on my niece when I was super hung-over but she did NOT move fast enough and wouldn’t leave me alone. Oh, and I perhaps dropped my nephew off at the wrong school once..but other than that, I’m the girl to call when you need a sitter.

Just ask my older sister. I spend a ton of time with her kids, (especially since she bought a house next to my parents and I’d much rather roll my way over there with my bar rando. Also, she doesn’t get as mad when I throw up everywhere). She’s super thankful I’m around, especially since as a result her kids are angels. And by ‘angels’ I mean complete and total psychos.

I taught my nephew the art of salamander hunting, passed on everything I know about sharks (specifically great whites but we focus on the species as a whole out of respect, in addition to aquatic life in its entirety) and joke telling.

My niece? Well that betch is another story. She is literally my 4-year-old best friend. I almost feel bad that my sister somehow managed to give birth and be forced to raise what seems to be my child, but I’m not sorry because she is hands down the most fabulous thing I’ve come across since the Bedazzler.

She is also a daily reminder as to why I myself have not yet recreated.

I’m talking about the same girl who demanded to be taken to Stop & Shop every Sunday because “she gets cheese and everyone tells her she’s pretty”, who always reminds me to brush my hair and put makeup on, even if it’s just “scara and gloss” before I leave the house because “you just never know” and whose always good for a solid eye roll and rude comment when an ex-boyfriend is in the near vicinity.

Ex-boyfriend comes up to us at the beach:

Me: “Hads do you remember [insert d-bags name]?”

Hads: Blank stare. Direct eye contact. Multiple blinks.

D-Bag: “Hey Hads!”

Hads: Turns towards me with same emotionless, blank stare. “Why is he talking to us?”

She is the definition of fierce. Homegirl had her own reality series at 3. Sure, I helped film it and post it on the internet since she doesn’t know how to read, but trust me, that girl is going places. Just the other day I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, her response?

“I don’t even care. I just want to be old enough to wear a bra.”

She also recently told me that she’s decided to “take a year off” from school, but I just don’t think that’s realistic. She’s somehow mastered the art of obtaining multiple boyfriends, though none of them actually know they’re her boyfriend. If I could bottle her secrets and sell them, I wouldn’t need to work anymore.

She’s my go-to for advice on anything fashion related and she’s always sympathetic to my issues. Here we are on Wine-down-Wednesday:


**Disclaimer: before anyone goes to the authorities, there is nothing but water in her glass, she calls it “water wine” and refuses to drink liquids out of anything other than a wine glass. I also feel it necessary to point out that I don’t normally dress like a ninja

Soo basically, consider this an open invite for anyone who may need a babysitter to reach out and I’ll let you know my availability. If you need references, here’s a picture of me babysitting last summer. We’re in the middle of playing my favorite game called “Auntie Jenny is hung-over”. The rules are that I lay on the bathroom floor dry heaving while they bring me Gatorade, chicken nuggets and call for help.

Me Bathroom

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My Most Missed Forms of Communication: Payphone’s and Nextel’s

When I was 13, my Mom used to drop my best friend and I off at the Island Queen dock to catch the first boat over to the Vineyard. We loved going to MV for the day. We did the same shit we did in Falmouth but it felt like we were on a separate continent.

We literally did nothing but walk around, eat pizza slices and steal shit from stores. I’m not proud of that last statement, and I literally only did it once and then cried the entire boat ride home because I was convinced the Cops would be waiting for me at the dock, but everyone goes through a shoplifting phase and if you say you didn’t then you probably also deny peeing in the shower.

Seriously, no one likes a liar.

Anyways – back in the 1900’s, most adults, let alone 13 year old poor kids from East Falmouth, didn’t have cell phones and weren’t allowed to have pagers because those “were for drug dealers”. Soo in order to tell my mom what time we needed to be picked up, I would have to call her collect from a payphone on the Vineyard.

I clearly didn’t have the 10 cents required to place a call since I was fucking stealing beanie babies, so was forced to call her collect, and she would get pissed if she had to accept the charges.

My favorite part was trying to fit everything I needed to say into the 3 second window that was supposed to be used for your name.

My mom: “Hello?”

[Operator]: “Hello…will you accept a call from…It’sJennyWe’reTakingThe3OclockBoatBackBye”

Worked every time.

Remember when anyone who was anyone had a Nextel as their primary form of mobile communication? Forget Nokia (actually don’t, because Snake was legit) but Nextel brought communication to a whole new level.

Nothing screamed “I’m the shit” like standing in line at the grocery store or out with friends and hearing the coveted “bleep bleep” followed by your friend’s voice saying something super important like “Hey – you there?” To which you’d naturally take out your high grade walkie-talkie and respond back “Yeah, what’s up?”.

And if someone pulled the border-line stalker move of ‘alerting’ you so that your phone would beep until you answered? Jesus, I could only dream of being that wanted.

The best was when you were going back and forth with someone and you both tried to say something at the same time and you got that awful noise that was equivalent to a whale being murdered by a band of Asians. Worst.

Oh and there was also Boost mobile, which was like a ghetto version of Nextel. Apparently it was more affordable, which basically just meant that if you used one you were poor.

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Awkward Dating Moments

Awk Sauce – Episode 1

I’ve had my fair share of relationships, some good, others bad. Some serious, others not-so serious…but regardless of the relationship, I almost ALWAYS have had at least ONE awkward moment with every man (let’s be honest, they’re usually ‘boys’) I’ve ever dated. Here are some of my favorites:

**Disclaimer: If you’re one of said men listed below, sorry for being so awk. Hope you don’t mind that I’m using our past to launch myself into Blogger stardom. And by ‘hope you don’t mind’ I mean I don’t care. 

Me dating:

Bow Tie Guy

I briefly dated a guy that wore bow ties as every day wear. You’re probably thinking, “and you dated this guy..why?!” well..because he resembled Leonardo Dicaprio, was older and distinguished and honestly anyone who has the balls to rock a bow tie deserves a fucking shot.

I don’t really recall any super awkward moments between him and I, other than the time I went to his condo and discovered he kept a mannequin in his closet. Like, that he dressed up. He said its name was “R Kelly” because it was “trapped in the closet” – I instantly found that acceptable. It didn’t end up working out because we “wanted different things”

The Diabetic

This guy was awesome. He was super funny, down to earth and I honestly had a lot of fun on our first date. Until he walked me out of the restaurant to put me in a cab and I proceeded to eat shit and face plant into the middle of Boylston.

He of course helped me up, only to discover that I had ripped my tights and was bleeding profusely from the knees and forehead. He was an absolute doll, and ran back into the restaurant to get me napkins and band aids. I noticed he had blood all over his shirt and I was mortified. I began to apologize but could tell he was annoyed, so naturally thought the only way to recover from this was to make an AIDS joke.


Me: Oh no, you got blood on your shirt..I’m SO sorry!
Diabetic: It’s okay..not a big deal (visibly annoyed)
Me: Okay..well I’m really sorry….and like, I don’t have AIDS or anything soo

Really? So now I’ve not only just bleed all over this guy after knowing him for a mere 4 hours but now I’m talking about an immunodeficiency virus that literally almost wiped out all of the 1980’s. Now I’m embarrassed, which means I’m nervous, which means I ramble.

Me: Yeah. Sorry, that was awkward, I just meant that I’m sorry I bleed on you, I’m really bad with blood. And needles. Like I would literally die before I got a shot.
Diabetic: I’m a diabetic..

I gave up and went home.

Surprisingly, we dated for a few months and had a lot of fun together. Also, since he had blood sugar issues he always had candy (side note: Gentleman – no matter how weird or unattractive you are, candy will always get you at the very least a hug, and if you are in fact weird and ugly then lesbianhonest dropping $1.99 on a pack of lifesavers is your best investment since lotion and tissues).

Ultimately, The Diabetic and I didn’t end up working out because I was too busy wasting time with a Zac Efron/Brian Austin Green look-a-like who sent me surprise presents in the mail. Whatever, act like you wouldn’t have left The Diabetic and his Starbursts for a shot with your 90210/high school tween crush..



We’ve all had the whole soldier/marine/navy/hot guy in camo that likes automatic weapons fling at some point in time in our dating career. One, in particular, was fun for a while but was more into planning the zombie Apocalypse that he’s SURE is upon us and gaming with his military bro’s than actually acknowledging my existence.

I wouldn’t necessarily say we had any awkward dating moments, outside of my 4 year old niece being creepily obsessed with him. Her and I are absolute besties, so she tends to like whatever I like, do what I do and dress like me (she’s super smart). But for some weird reason, she was OBSESSED with this guy. He literally almost never spoke unless it was about killing something and ran in the complete opposite direction whenever she was around.

The first time she ever met him, she came strutting into the room wearing nothing but a pair of kitten heels, called him the wrong name and offered him cookies. She’s a fucking genius. I even overheard her once on her pink plastic Barbie phone planning an imaginary trip to Martha’s Vineyard with him.

Nintendo-No-Friendo and I didn’t last very long because I prefer human interaction over virtual ones and I annoyed the living fuck out of him. We’re totes good friends now, though. To this day, when I bring a new guy home my niece will just look at the new guy with a blank stare and whisper “You’ll never be Nintendo-No-Friendo” and walks away. She’s my idol.

I totally have more awkward dating moments to share, especially as I hopefully get more dates (though probably not after people read this shit). But bottom line, I’ve learned a lot from my past relationships. Mostly…

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How the Greatest Merger in Internet History Went Down

I’m sure you’re all wondering how a classy ginger such as myself came to join forces with the rugged Real Cape crew. Well as is everything that happens in my life, it was both random and creepy.

I was originally approached by a Real Cape writer we shall call ‘DaBoss’ and shortly after was additionally approached by a former high school classmate of mine who reassured me that although he thought I was a total Cut-Up-Not-Toasted in High School, thought my blog was hilarious and wanted to talk about the possibility of a collaboration.

From there, DaBoss and I coordinated schedules and I headed over to The Beach House to meet him and the others for a super formal meeting at 1030PM while heavily intoxicated. I obviously ate shit and face planted when walking through the front door because I’m me and awkwardly waited at the bar while the fetus of a bartender hit on me.

One of the ring leaders, we’ll call him “Santa”, because he was extremely jolly and kept asking me to sit on his lap, requested I join him in the back function room to speak. I made a joke about being murdered and he reassured me that rape almost always happens first and he didn’t have time for that. I immediately felt a connection.

The remaining members joined us and we began drinking, I mean talking business. I think I was a little betchy to the Minion they call Ham Sandwich, which I’d apologize for, but he was just so adorbs I couldn’t help but give him a hard time because I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him out when I’m having a bad day for something to point and laugh at. In a loving way, obviously.

Once business was over, one of the crew, let’s call him….Leppy McAwk because he’s super Irish and almost as awkward as I am, began spitting game like a fucking Llama on acid. I was picking up what he was putting down for a short time because he was totally my “good looking stoner” type, but got pissed when he challenged a black girl to a dance off with me.

Why he thought it was a good idea to make a red-headed white girl in an Old Navy sweater attempt to drop it like it’s hot with a Beyonce wannabe is beyond me, but thanks for that. Coincidentally when the night was over homeboy needed a ride home and I was the only one able to bring him. Smooth…

The entire ride home he kept on coming up with ways to try and get me to come into his house but I wasn’t having it. He even went as far as to tell me I could come in for “some water and The Oscars”. Seriously?

I dropped him off and went home to pass out in my 9 year old nephew’s twin bunk beds because I can. The next night I went to Brody’s to visit my heroin-dealing uneducated best friend (previous blog post) and low and behold Leppy McAwk strolled in. His face immediately dropped when he saw me because I obviously called him out on his super sweet pimping skills the night before in front of his pals.

Soo basically the point I’m trying to get at is that when you put together a group of degenerates from the same hometown that share a love of talking shit and pissing people off in a creative and witty way: you’ve got The Real Cape meets The Glitter Ginger, betches.


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Glitter Ginger Life Lessons: You’re welcome.

In my 29 years on this planet, I’ve picked up a few life lessons I feel important to share. Take them as you will, since most of them are complete bullshit, and border line offensive, but whatevs, I do what I want.

1 – When laying out at the beach, pool or boat always set up shop next to someone bigger than you. Why? Well for starters they most likely don’t have many friends so why not be nice for once and two; you’ll look skinnier. You’re welcome.

2 – Despite what your mom, sisters, friends or the media says; don’t put makeup on or do your hair every day. I have literally LIVED by this rule my entire life. I would SO much rather look mediocre every day and get a “Oh my god you look BEAUTIFUL!” on the rare occasion I actually put effort in, then show up to work/life without being done up and receive the comments we all dread that consist of “you look tired” or “are you feeling okay?”

Low expectations = high return. Trust me.

3 – If you do decide to go the makeup route, ALWAYS wash your face before you go to bed even if you’re having a sleep over with a dude. No matter how good you think you look, I can promise you that when you roll over in the morning, homeboy is going to notice the black streaks bleeding from your eyes and the lipstick smeared all over your face.

4 – If you’re known for something, own it. Example: Over the years I’ve earned the reputation of being accident prone and well, border-line mentally challenged. Do I get mad and correct people and/or sit at home crying at night about my pathetic existence? Of course not! Instead, I start documenting that shit and blast it on the internet to launch myself into blogger stardom.

Sure, I almost died making a grilled cheese last year and was the first and only person in the history of Falmouth High School to use the “eye wash station” in Biology because I got a piece of frog caught in my eye – but if that shit didn’t happen then I’d have nothing to blog about!


5 – Figure out a way to spin every situation into a good one. You got dumped? Start a blog that reaches 10,000 followers in less than two months. Lose your job? Use your spare time to follow the dream you might not have had the guts or time to before; like stripping. Feeling down because all your friends are engaged/married and you’re living alone with nothing to keep you company but wine and Lifetime? Study sharks. You get the point – something shitty happens; hide the Venus razor and do something to cheer yourself up, psycho. Pizza usually helps.

6 – Read. A lot. And I just don’t mean The Glitter Ginger or the latest Nicholas Sparks (<–what are you, 9?) Read books, articles and magazines that aren’t necessarily in your comfort zone or of interest to you. I recently started getting into books about World War II and Seal Team 10 – sure, the closest I’ve come to war in real life is sleeping with a marine, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t educate myself on history. Education is the key to life – and if that key doesn’t open the door you’re trying to get through then at least be pretty and hopefully strong enough to kick that mother fucker down.

One Love. -GG

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