What’s With All The Memorial Day Shaming On Facebook?

beer tank

Why is it that every time someone posts something on social media about a Memorial Day party, or how they are looking forward to the weekend, someone needs to post a photo of a soldiers casket or a child weeping over a grave and tell them to remember what Memorial Day REALLY means?

Fuck off, we know what it means, we are just choosing to honor the people that fought for our freedom by exercising it in the most American way possible. By cooking dead animals over fire, drinking 8 thousand Bud Lights, and throwing ping pong balls into SOLO cups, just like Uncle Sam would want. What better way to honor fallen soldiers than by enjoying yourself and the freedom they provided you?

This holiday shaming better not become a trend. I don’t need to feel guilty because I get a great deal on a Hyandai on Washington’s birthday. What do these people expect everyone to do? Go sit and cry at Arlington National Cemetery all weekend? Where does the wet blanketing end? Are people going to start admonishing each other because they aren’t dry humping trees on Arbor Day?

Listen, I appreciate the sacrifices that soldiers have made so I can sit on my ass in my boxers all day writing pointless shit on the internet, but I didn’t start any wars, so pardon me for enjoying the weekend, if it makes you feel any better I’ll say the pledge of allegiance after every 54th beer I drink.

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