Wellfleet Mobilized And Defeated The Fun Police At Town Meeting

fun police chief badge

Wellfleet held their town meeting the last few days and apparently there was a classic Cape Cod Fun Police article being voted on. Article 46 was to be a new noise ordinance that would have effectively outlawed any music in bars or restaurants. We are talking straight up Footloose stuff here. The ordinance was so vague that, as one man pointed out, it technically would have made babies illegal in Wellfleet since any sound audible from over 100 ft. away would have become a violation.

The good news is that the silent majority of Wellfleetians got wind of this beforehand, and apparently they showed up in droves to soundly defeat Article 46. That’s what I’m talking about Wellfleet! Chalk one up for the good guys. People ask all the time how to get involved in defeating the Cape Cod Fun Police and this is a perfect example. We outnumber them, if we stay on top of these types of things and take some time to show up to the battles, we WILL win┬áthe war.

The reason the Fun Police have gained such a foothold here is because they have nothing better to do with their lives than to worry about what everyone else is doing with theirs. The people like us, although in the majority, are simply too busy living our own lives to worry about this crap, but we can’t sit by idly anymore. We have been invaded. We may not have wanted this war, but they brought it to our shores. It is time to mobilize and fight.

The bottom line is that if we want change, it is going to start with communication, mobilization and working together to take action. That’s what happened in Wellfleet, a few people took to social media and screamed from mountain tops about Article 46, the silent majority heard the pleas, mobilized, and won. Way to go Wellfleet, you are an inspiration to us all.

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