Plane Lands On Martha’s Vineyard With No Landing Gear – See You On The Ferry!

mv plane – The pilot of a Mooney 201 single-engine plane with two passengers aboard landed at Martha’s Vineyard Airport Wednesday afternoon without the plane’s retractable landing gear lowered, without incident or injuries.

The control tower reported that a plane had landed without its wheels down, and the crash alarm was sounded, airport manager Sean Flynn told The Times. When fire personnel responded, all three occupants were safely out of the plane, which was resting upright on the runway.

This is why I stick to ferries, this incident worked out and everyone is fine so that’s great, kudos to this pilot, but these little paper mache planes freak me out. It’s not just that they bounce around and can drop like 30 ft. in a split second either. I get nervous because whenever you board one of these tiny planes the pilot inevitably says the same thing every time.

“Oh, don’t worry, we could land this thing on the street if we have to.”

Oh? And how are you so sure about that? How often do you need to land this thing on a frickin’ road that this has become your default go to line? Is that supposed to comfort me?

I’m supposed to be less nervous knowing that at the drop of a hat you are ready to land this thing on rte. 28? That sounds great in a post apocalyptic wasteland, but I got some news for ya, you know what there is on roads? Cars.

Oh and I haven’t even mentioned the elephant in the room, do you know what are conspicuously absent between Martha’s Vineyard and everywhere else? ROADS. Seriously pilots, get yourselves another comforting line for people that don’t like flying balsa wood airlines, the “we could land on the street if we have to” thing is not helping.

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