The Girl From UCLA That Everyone On The Internet Is In Love With Today Is From The Cape

Barstool U – Holy shit I love this chick.   Just getting ANNIHILATED with beers and mixed drinks and not relenting on her troll game literally one iota.  Taking cans and cups and liquids straight to the dome and not even flinching.  Pretty sure I even heard  a glass shatter against Tommy right next to her face.  Did she give a fuck?  Nope, UCLA bitches.  You want to get me off your precious statue you’re gonna have to do a lot better than smashing my skull in with full handles.

Yeah well, there’s a reason why you love her and it’s the same reason she doesn’t give a fuck Kmarko. She’s a Masshole. Even better, she’s from The Cape. Falmouth to be exact. Her name is Aimee and when I talked to her earlier, she agreed that being from here definitely contributed to her badassness. If you need to know how Cape Cod has a hand in this please refer to this post.

I guess you can take the girl off The Cape, but you can’t take The Cape out of the girl.

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  1. Hey this is a PBR can that someone threw at your face. Sorry about that haha, didn’t mean to make contact with your face!!! But there are worse faces to hit haha you blonde devil.

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