P Town Police Arrest Two Randolph Princesses With $1430 Of Stolen Schwag

ptown gals
p town shoplifters

P Town PD FB – The quick thinking of one of our shop owners helped police nap a super shoplifter!

On Thursday, police were called when a shop owner reporting 5 small canvas bags stolen from her gallery.
The shop owner provided a description of the two female suspects and alerted other shop owners.

Later that same day, another shop owner spotted the women as they entered a different shop downtown.
They were encountered outside their hotel room where police officers recovered $1430 worth of merchandise taken from 5 additional local businesses.

Arrested by police were Girl Face, age 34 from Randolph, MA and Dude Girl, age 33 from Randolph, MA.
Both women were arrested and charged with Larceny of Property over $250.

Nice try Thelma and LaWeezy, but you’ve got to wake up pretty damn early (and not in Randolph) to get away with a shoplifting spree in Provincetown. If you two delicate flowers were hoping to blend into a seaside village you probably would have been better off in New Bedford.

What’s the end game here anyway ladies? Are we planning on opening up an overpriced tourist trap shop selling Cape Cod crap to all the preppies in Randolph? You probably would have been better off hitting the clearance aisle at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I’m fairly sure you’d have a much easier time moving Under Armour sweatpants and Starter Jackets when you got home.

Call me crazy, but I just don’t see Black Dog bags flying off the shelves in the black markets of Randolph. Get to know your target demographic will ya?

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