Local Politicians Are Writing New Laws Because Of The Diddle Bus Dude

offender bus

CapeCodOnline.com – State Rep. Brian Mannal, a Centerville Democrat and an attorney, said he’s already working on a state bill and helping Conover pen a local bylaw for child protection zones. Such zones would prohibit child sex offenders from hanging around areas where children gather, rather than restrict residency.

Newly elected state Rep. Timothy Whelan, a retired state police officer and Brewster Republican, said he’d support one set of rules for the whole state because it would clarify the situation for police, community members and even the sex offenders.

This law should be named The Real Cape law right? We were the first to run with this story and our articles on the subject were read by well over 150,000 people, garnering over 24,000 Facebook likes, and thousands of shares. Still, after all of that, Boston media outlets used quotes from our articles and Facebook page with no credit. No biggie though, we don’t need credit, we do what we do for you, the people of Cape Cod.

I understand that The Real Cape is Cape Cod’s dirty little secret. We are scary, we say politically incorrect things, we make fun of people, we make fun of ourselves, we throw insane parties and we don’t apologize for any of it. It scares the status quo that we are somehow reaching 300,000 people a month. It’s unsettling to the powers that be when we stir the pot and make the natives restless with our brutally honest rants about the Fun Police and idiotic politicians.

We may not ever get any credit, but we will never stop. We are organizing a revolution from our dingy basement offices and we will succeed. I know this because I’ve met our readers, thousands of them, and they all want the same thing. To restore Cape Cod to its former glory as one of the premier destinations in the country, to bring back the fun, bring back the young, to take back Cape Cod.

P.S. That one really got away from me huh? I can’t even remember what the hell my original point was.

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