Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – The Local Music Community Comes Together

jimmy d

So as the resident music expert here at Real Cape Headquarters I feel the need to chime in on our boy, local musician Jimmy D’s recent bad luck. This guy is as about as fuckin awesome as they come in case you have been under a pile of clam bellies and haven’t heard. So if you are that person and suffer from clam belly pile syndrome, let me fill you in.

Last Friday morning Jimmy rolled out to his car to head to work, and realized some ass clown, piece of shit, heartless wench, fuck face had stolen over 2 G’s worth of his equipment. So this is when his special lady friend Erica took a stand. She started a fundraising push on the site, to help raise some cash so Jimmy could replace his stolen equipment. Little did either one of them know what was ahead in the next few hours.The donations started pouring in like beers at a Real Cape meeting. In just 5 hours there had been 2,300 raised on the site, as of this this morning it is up over 4 G’s. Still not sure what to do with the extra $ , he said he may use the overflow to help record his album or donate it to a local charity.

There is a bigger picture to come out of this unfortunate event.This minor act of doucheness by some random ass donkey. It has shown how much awesome sauce is pouring all over the music scene here on good ol’ Cape Cod. To see the community come together for Sir Jimmy makes me really feel all squishy inside. This takes me back to the summer of ’13 and the saga of” Local Crapgate.” Where a certain restaurant posted on the Facebook “What a crazy night at the *#$&#*..downstairs is packed listening to the incredible “Bat” and up its Hypercane rocking the house.. Boston Bruins favorite band.. and the !$@%^&..where you see Quality Entertainment from Boston and beyond..not the local crap!”( full story) Boy did that Face post catch the wrath of the local powers that be.

Growing up here I am sure at some point we all have said or thought “Fuck , this place sucks”.(you are lying if you say you have never said/thought this) Then these two stories are just two little reminders of how great of a place this crazy filled peninsula is. But hey, THIS IS OUR CRAZY FILLED PENINSULA!

P.S Who ever did steal Jimmy D’s shit we will not forget. Our Real Cape detective team is on it. Don’t let us catch ya. Turn yourself in.

P.s.s- If any pawn shops in New Bedford read this, give us a call when the thieves show up to sell Jimmy’s equipment.

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