Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – The Brother’s Rye

Well you’ve made it to the night before Thanksgiving. CONGRATS! What are gonna do? Get dolled up and bro’d out to go your “unofficial” high school reunion. Have fun going to see a shit ton of people who you don’t give a flying cow dung what they’ve been up to. After a fake hug my favorite answer is always “On the honor roll at Austins rodeo clown college.”

If you are looking to avoid that scene, head down to Grumpy’s in Falmouth and catch The Brothers Rye. The premier New England outlaw jug band will get you moving from the moment you walk through those magical doors. The fearsome foursome of this bluegrass Americana band is Benjamin Lee Patterson (guitar/vocals) , Topher Maffei (percussion/washboard), Josh Dayton (stand-up bass) and Ben Riva (fiddle).

The Brothers Rye’s songs strike the heart of New England heritage where the women were as strong as whiskey, and the money was short but good times were not. If Hank Williams, Gram Parsons and Taj Mahal had a child it would be these guys. So grow up and come on down to this old fashion hoedown. See you at this knee slapping, whiskey drinking good time.

brother's rye

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