When Cape Cod Makes National News

It’s rare for a Cape town to make national news and it’s even more rare for it to be about something other than murder, drugs, a Kennedy, or a drugged up Kennedy murdering someone. It’s always interesting to see how The Cape is portrayed by the outside media. That said, Falmouth has managed to make it to the big stage with this gem:


No doubt “Wind Turbine Syndrome” is a little out of left field. Bordering on silly one might say, but the article written by Susan Donaldson James that accompanies that video is a bit condescending. You can read the full story here, but here is an excerpt:

A misplaced New Yorker, I had no idea there were two such roads with the same name in this twee Cape Cod town known for its shingled charm and ferry access to the islands.

“Take a right, then another right on Thomas Flanders Road, past the town dump and you can’t miss them,” said the kind man who directed me back down the hill.

“All the nuts live over they-ah — by the wind turbines,” he said in a flat, New England accent.

The “nuts” are about 45 residents who live near three 400-feet tall, 1.63 megawatt, utility-scale wind turbines that they say are causing a mysterious illness: complaints include pressure in the ears, a thumping sensation that causes fluttering heartbeats, migraine headaches and more.

Twee? I had to look that one up. This is what I found:

“Something that is sweet, almost to the point of being sickeningly so. As a derogatory descriptive, it means something that is affectedly dainty or quaint, or is way too sentimental”.

Who the hell does this bitch think she is? Twee? I’ve never heard something so insulting in my life. Cape Cod is twee? Leave it to a New Yorker to be disturbed by sweetness and judgmental of sentimental quaintness. Also, you are from New York, you have zero business making fun of accents.

Ya maybe we make fun of that stuff, but we can, we are from here. You aren’t, so screw you and screw New York.

I don’t give a shit if we are making up diseases down here, that gives you no right to shit on us on a public stage.

And I begin to wonder if the man I encountered on the first Blacksmith Shop Road might be right. Are they “nuts”? Or is that a slight pressure I feel in my sinuses? Maybe it’s time to go.

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out sweetheart. Like you’re some prize?


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  1. Hippie – I was looking back at some old blog posts and came across this gem. I would say your response was a bit of an overreaction… ok, maybe you forgot your meds that day. You also might be interested in knowing that Susan Donaldson James grew up in Massachusetts (in a twee town of 3000), spent her summers as child on the Cape and islands, worked on the Cape as a waitress during the summers she was a college student in Massachusetts, and has continued to visit friends on Cape Cod for most of her life. She probably knows more about small town New England life than most and is fully versed in all dialects of the regional accents. You might want to take your head out of your ass long enough to get some clean, unbiased air.

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